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Omega Olive Oil is quite the coy little operation; when I started looking around for the story behind the bottle, I found very little – namely, the paragraph sized About Us section on their website. But sometimes the most incredible operations are a little too busy for publicity, and that turned out to be the case when I got ahold of Felicia, the founder and motivated wonder behind this lovely Kingston, Massachusetts business.

Felicia sources her olive oil directly from a California producer she chose after taste testing dozens and dozens of olive oils, bringing a hot climate product to the New England coast.


A: So tell me your origin story; how did this all get started?

F: My husband and I lived in California for about a year a couple years ago, and olive oil – truly good olive oil – was everywhere. When we moved back to New England, we couldn’t find any of the same quality. I figured if we wanted it, that meant other people did too! You don’t have to go to another country to get really beautiful olive oil – it’s produced in our own backyards.

A: Just like that you decided to source and sell olive oil?

F: (laughs) Yeah, I guess. I was a paralegal in another life, but then I had my kids. I was looking to get back into the job market [three years ago], and the olive oil business gives me the flexibility to do something I’m passionate about and make it to hockey games.

A: Is it just you running the business?

F: It was at first, but the company has grown exponentially in the last few years. Now my husband is the numbers man, my children and nieces and nephews help out at fairs and markets…the company jumped, and now we’re trying to catch up.

A: Is your primary market farmers markets?

F: Markets, craft shows, food fairs…I post on my Facebook page where I’ll be selling next. We get a lot of repeat customers. Once you’ve tasted real olive oil, there’s no going back.

A: What’s your favorite kind of olive oil?

F: I prefer the big, buttery, fruity, Tuscan style. But my husband likes the grassy and bitter ones. I only sell olive oils that we love and would want to use ourselves. All the olive oils are extra-virgin, which means they’re cold pressed, come from small farms, and are organic.

A: What’s a question you’re asked often?

F: Why is this so expensive? (laughs) But I tell them this: the olive oil is expensive because its expensive to grow and make olive oil. If you want the fresh, well-made, unadulterated goodness, the price is going to be a little higher. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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