What We’re Loving: Thanksgiving Leftovers


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Yesterday was T-day, and if your experience mirrors mine at all, it was a Turkey day full of sugar-fueled excitement and lots of bird wrestling. But somehow all the planning and cursing and basting is worth it when you sit down and eat with the important people in your life; smiling giddily over the brussels sprouts and feeling generous with the gravy.

Come the morning after, however, you may be a little overwhelmed by the leftover-packed fridge – turkey sandwiches and soup can get old pretty quickly. Luckily, food bloggers from coast to coast have come up with economic, unique, and mouthwatering ways to turn what’s already a good thing into something fresh for the days ahead. If fact, you could churn out an entire other feast using leftovers alone! {lead photo from Love & Olive Oil}


This comforting breakfast dish is perfect for the morning after…and the morning after that, and after that. Eggs Baked in Stuffing utilizes one of Thanksgiving’s most beloved dishes, revitalizing what might have become soggy overnight. Crisp it up in the oven with a few fresh eggs and tuck in! {from The Gouda Life}

These Mashed Potato Puffs are the perfect side dish for a post Thanksgiving brunch or bite sized snack. With a little scooping and reheating, plain mashed potatoes get a cute repackaging that make them impossible to stop eating. {from The Kitchn}


Leftover turkey sandwiches are a given, of course. But why not jazz them up a bit, and turn the ordinary into the gourmet? Try this Turkey & Pesto Paninior Turkey & Cranberry Panini for a quick and oh-so-turkey-wonderful lunch. {from Damn Delicious and MJ & Hungry Man}


Or maybe sleepy is just what you’re looking for, in which case, these tantalizing Thanksgiving Leftover Turnovers should do just the trick. Already scrumptious leftovers folded into pillowy little pockets of dough-y goodness… who says Thanksgiving can only last one night? {from Whisks and Whimsy}

However, if you’re still feeling satiated from last night’s feasting, a Thanksgiving Leftovers Salad might be more your speed. It has all the classic flavors of T-day without the sleepy consequences. {from the Craving Chronicles}


Finally – dessert. As if pie wasn’t good enough, this Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream takes the classic dessert to a new level of decadence. Turn on the ice cream machine and get out the spoons! {from Not Your Momma’s Cookie}

Photos courtesy of K, Faith, RheeMin Yung & TimConnie, Theresa,  and Jennifer.

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