Eat Boutique Sale on Small Business Saturday


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Six years ago, I almost started a blog called Eat Small, instead of Eat Boutique. Did you know that?! I think about it every year around this time. With Small Business Saturday just a couple weeks away, I’m reminded of why I started this boutique business to highlight boutique makers.

Boutique is all about small. I didn’t fully understand that until I lived in Paris on and of for a couple of years. Coming from the country where EVERYTHING is a boutique, every big brand refers to itself as boutique this or boutique that, I found Paris to be quite focused on the proper interpretation.

Each morning, I’d pick up my almost-daily croissant around the corner from my flat. My bakery’s pastries were made fresh each morning and I could smell every flaky layer drift down my narrow boulevard. I got to know the woman who baked them, who taught me the proper proportion of chocolate to pastry dough. (By the way, if it doesn’t have two – not one – separate valleys of chocolate hidden beneath the buttery layers, then it may not be considered a real chocolate croissant. Quelle horreur!)

In those moments, I learned so much about the art of the maker and so did my entire neighborhood, as many of us would meet up there at that moment when our favorite batch emerged from the oven. We’d chit chat, or rather, they’d chit chat, and I’d interject now and again with the few French words I had learned. I also waved my disappearing chocolate croissant in the air now and again, mouth full and quite happy, and they all nodded, understanding me perfectly.


When we eat small, we learn to appreciate the labor, the vision, the spirit and the story behind each maker. Eat Boutique is built on recognizing the small, the tiny, and the special as they are the building blocks of a neighborhood, a city, or an online community.

On Saturday, November 30, I’ll celebrate Small Business Saturday with a once a year sale. While I don’t personally believe in discounting special items labored over by artisans, I do believe in celebrating the season and getting YOU excited about gifting small batch food. For 24 hours, you’ll be able to buy items in the Eat Boutique Shop at a 20% discount using coupon code: EATSMALL

It may not have ended up being the name of this blog but eating small certainly inspires it! Happy holiday season. See you at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market next week! xox

Photos styled and photographed by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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