Market Preview: Salt and Spices


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Can you imagine a world without salt or spices? We shudder at the thought. Thankfully, we don’t have to live in a bland-flavored existence because there are those who have devoted their lives to adding zest to the lackluster; bite to the boring; and panache to the plain. Here are three of our favorite makers—all will be at this year’s Holiday Market—who bring a lot of flavor to our everyday lives.  -Kate

Salt Traders

Few people look beyond the everyday table salt, but they’re missing an entire world of specialty salts and peppercorns to explore. Thankfully, Salt Traders is here to help.

Based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, the company is owned and operated by Chef Didi Davis and offers top-quality sea salts, peppercorns, sugars, and spices. Every item is hand-sourced and tasted to create artisanal products perfect for your cooking experimentation. Salt collections offer a lot of variety without a hefty price tag, including the Smoke Stack – Smoked Sea Salt Collection (Alaska Pure Alder Smoked Sea Salt, Guava Smoked Salt, Maine Cherry Smoked Salt, and Danish Viking Smoked Salt) or the World Salt Collection (Bali Sea Salt – Small Pyramid, Peruvian Pink Salt, Fleur de Sel de Guerande, Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt, Bay of Fundy Sea Salt, Black Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes).

Come taste different parts of the world by saying hello at the market.


Bondat Foods

Meaning a full, happy belly in Filipino, Bondat Foods lives up to its name by delivering only the very best in spice blends. The company’s founders originated in the Philippine Islands—a melting pot of Spanish and Asian influences—where they found inspiration in combining flavors from around the globe.

We simply adore the Chocolate Chipotle Rub, which uses Mexican Chocolate from our friends at Taza Chocolate, and is the perfect accompaniment for grilled beef or pork.  Each spice blend is locally sourced and made in small batches in the USA to ensure every dish receives the freshest flavors. Stop by and sample some of their other popular blends, such as Cluck Yeah! Poultry Rub, Taco Night Seasoning Mix, and All Purpose Seasoning.


Wellfleet Sea Salt Company

Wellfleet Sea Salt Company only needs two ingredients to create their uniquely flavored salt: sunshine and the sea. Really, that’s it. There are no additives because the waters of Cape Cod offer a unique flavor to the sea salt. Starting the company while still in college, Hope Schwartz-Leeper and Zachary Fagiano wanted to open a company they could be proud to run. The two believe that “true quality comes from those who create it.” And it shows. This eco-friendly and artisanal sea salt is simple yet so complex in flavor. The perfect addition to any meal.

Drop by at the market and discover what a little sun, sea, and Hope (and Zak) can achieve.

The Eat Boutique Boston Holiday Market is on Saturday, December 7, 2013. Buy your tickets here for our annual holiday event! We look forward to shopping and sampling with you.

Photos courtesy of Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio, Bondant Foods, and

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