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A huge component of Eat Boutique is connecting food communities and supporting small business owners, so when we heard about the success of the Spiceologist Block Kickstarter Campaign, the entire team was so inspired that I had to write about it.

SAVORx is a company devoted solely to supplying spices and rubs of the highest quality and produced with the utmost care, because founder Pete Taylor believes the seasoning is just as important an ingredient as the leg of lamb. Apparently SAVORx’s customers feel the same way, because when SAVORx teamed up with Farmgirl Gourmet to design a new way to store and display spices, they came out in full force.


The idea is simple: Instead of relegating spices to the back of a pantry or stuffed into a jumbled drawer, they should be displayed and celebrated in a sleek wooden block that shows off all their delicious glory.

After creating a prototype and conducting a small-scale test run, SAVORx and Farmgirl Gourmet brought their product to the people – and the people responded. The Kickstarter campaign began on June 12, 2013, with a goal of $50,000 to fund production. They reached the goal (and some change) in sixty days, with a total of 288 backers (disclaimer: Eat Boutique was one of them!).


I want to congratulate the venture for its success, obviously, but it’s also a wonderful reminder of just how powerful food lovers can be. Putting your dollars behind small business vision, crafty ingenuity, and local food genius determines more than the quality of your food – it also decides which products stick around and which fade into obscurity.

What I choose to support today is how I influence what comes tomorrow, and tomorrow I hope to see more family farms, local businesses and handcrafted products.

So excuse me while I go enjoy a spoonful of artisanal, handmade peanut butter. Anything for the cause, right?

Photos courtesy of SAVORx.

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