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There might exist the remote possibility that we love desserts at Eat Boutique. We’d try and deny it, but past blog posts are a little incriminating. In our second Market Maker Preview, we’d like to spotlight baked goods of the chewy, chocolate-y baked-good-heaven variety, in the form of Yummy Mummy Brownies and the Zesty Cookie Company. That’s not drool, I promise…they’re simply tears of happiness. -Amy

Yummy Mummy Brownies  

These brownies are the chunky, hunky, fudge-y squares you’ve been looking for. Baked in small batches and without preservatives, they’re about as close to homemade as you’ll get (and maybe even a little bit better), since Melissa Roiter uses her Grandma Irene’s recipe for the moist, rich, decadent brownies.

Roiter, stay-at-home-mom and brownie-extraordinaire, comes from a long line of cooking women. She learned to bake with her grandmother, and her mother ran a catering company, so it’s no surprise the apple landed squarely underneath the tree.


Because she has four (yes, four!) little ones, Melissa has made the conscious decision to stay small, meaning every brownie is crafted by the Yummy Mummy herself to order – no storefront, no factory line. This also means it can be hard to get your hands on a Yummy Mummy creation, so we’re thrilled she’s joining us at the Market. With flavors like Classic Fudge, Mint Patty, and Cranberry Pecan, you’ll need the entire wait in line to pick just one (or you can gleefully try all three like us).


Zesty Cookie Company

Cookies are good. Cookies are great. Add a little spicy to your sweet, however, and those cookies are magical. Heather Amaral and Liz Pool have created a cookie with personality, a cookie to delight and puzzle the senses, a cookie with…cayenne?

Strange as it sounds, the cayenne plays off the inherent sweetness in a cookie, and makes for a delicious kick, so hop on board the spice train and ride it all the way to cookie-coma. We also love how conscientious Zesty Cookie Co. is about sourcing their ingredients – they’re all organic, and their use of coconut oil, free range eggs, and aluminum-free baking powder (all pretty expensive) reveals just how much scrumptiously sustainable food means to them.

We’re not going to try and argue that these cookies are healthy, per se, but they’re as good as a cookie can get, and uniquely delicious to boot! Try out their Hot Cocoa, Lemon Ginger, and Espresso Chip at the Eat Boutique Boston Holiday Market, and let these grown-up cookies delight.

The Eat Boutique Boston Holiday Market is on Saturday, December 7, 2013. Add your email address to this list to be the first to know when tickets go on sale for our annual holiday event! We look forward to shopping and sampling with you.

Photos courtesy of Yummy Mummy and Zesty Cookie Company.

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