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I love hearing the stories behind the food magic. Today Jocelyn Pierce, the woman behind Mayflour Confections, a sweet catering business based out of Massachusetts’s north shore, shares her history and love of cake. If you’re enchanted as I am, but don’t live near Boston, you’re in luck! Jocelyn will be Eat Boutique Boston, serving up canneles and slices of cake in the Sweets & Cookbooks Shop. -Amy

I’m pretty sure that cake is happiness.

Even when I was a child I loved to be in the kitchen baking, but it wasn’t until later in life that I focused my attention on cake. I imagine it was partly because quality cake was hard to find (I’m pretty particular when it comes to my sweets), and partly because I believe that all food should be made with thought, care, and quality ingredients. With that intention, I began baking cakes using fresh eggs and the best butter, vanilla, and cocoa I could find.


First I baked for family; then friends; then friends of friends. And then I realized it was what made me happy – truly happy.  Cake invokes the joys of childhood, birthday parties, and celebrations. It’s unfortunate that as you grow up, even dessert gets more serious. But people have this incredible, emotional response to cake- it just makes them happy! It’s doesn’t have to be fancy, or fussy, or extravagant- just really good.

One part cake – moist, spongy, and subtly sweet and one part frosting – Italian Buttercream, Cream Cheese Frosting, Ganache, and Old Fashioned Chocolate- all are rich, sweet and creamy. The two are a perfect balance of flavor and texture.


I’ve always preferred cakes that look like they came out of my Grandmother’s kitchen; I think imperfections are lovely, and only highlight the organic nature of the ingredients.  When I started baking full time, I was determined that all the cakes I baked would be simple in their beauty, with a subtle, handcrafted elegance.

What I love most about what I do is that each cake is different. Every cake I make is for someone specific. It feels personal, and there’s nothing better than knowing that you are contributing to the joy of someone’s celebration.


Photos courtesy of Purely Chic, Jackie Schon, Mayflour Confections, Brent Lewin, and Saint Clair Studio.

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