In the Eat Boutique Shop: Early Bird Granola


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There are mornings (many of them) in which there simply isn’t time to cook breakfast. You wake up late, you’re leaving early…maybe the weight of the world is just feeling a little heavy. But that is no reason to give up a filling, delicious start to your day. This is where Early Bird Granola comes into play.


The creation of former chef Nekisia Davis, Early Bird Granola is crunchy, nutty, sweet and salty. Instead of a bland and flavorless vegetable oil, Davis uses a generous glug of olive oil to coat her perfectly proportioned mix of oats, nuts, and maple syrup. And the salt – we mustn’t forget the salt. Though the granola leans sweet, a pinch of salt pulls it back from the brink, and keeps you going back for more… and more, and more.


So treat yourself to a real breakfast. Take the ten minutes to pour yourself a bowl of toasty-roasty goodness, add some milk or yogurt, and sprinkle a few berries atop your morning delight. We’ve got some waiting for you in the shop – happy munching!

Order Early Bird Granola in the Eat Boutique Shop today.

All photos taken and styled by Michelle Martin.

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