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I have a confession: I don’t care for most biscotti and by most, I mean about 90% of it that I deign to try. It’s dry, it’s boring, it’s wicked hard (I am such a New Englander) and it hurts my mouth. I am just massively displeased with what kind of feels like a waste of calories. On the flip side, good biscotti is REALLY GOOD, and I love it. I’ve had fresh biscotti from the best italian bakery, I’ve made my own, I’ve had big batch biscotti, and I’ve had small batch biscotti. All the biscotti – I’ve tried it.

So when I got the chance to write about Boncora Biscotti, I gave a tentative yes. Then I tried some. It was tender and flavorful, it didn’t leave deep grooves in the roof of my mouth and it was a perfect mid-morning snack with my second cup of coffee, especially covered in a thin veneer of chocolate.


Boncora Biscotti is all about being small batch. Founded and nurtured by Bonnie Tempesta, this little company is Bonnie’s second go-around with sharing biscotti with the world. Bonnie has been making biscotti from her Aunt’s recipe since she was 16 and started the Tempesta Bakery with her mother in the 1980’s, so she’s a pro.

Bonnie makes her version with local California almonds, and lots of them – ensuring that satisfying almond presence in every bite. The nutty crunch, vanilla, and chocolate make this biscotti perfect. Grab some for your afternoon coffee break, for an after dinner nibble, or to share with a friend – that is, if you like them enough to share!

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Photos taken and styled by Heidi/White Loft Studios.

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