What We’re Loving: Too Hot To Cook Recipes




It’s Labor Day weekend, the final hurrah of the summer, which means we’re all throwing parties and trying to squeeze just a little more fresh produce from the market into our last big bash. I have deemed this weekend our weekend of “Too Hot To Cook” and with that in mind have scoured the internet for the best uncooked dishes.

These dishes will travel to potlucks, be delicious additions to BBQs, or look great adorning your table. Whatever your weekend adventures entail, do make at least one of these dishes. They’re simple, they’re quick, and they require zero heat. {lead photo from The Boys Club}

Having a good drink is fundamental to creating any party (on more than one occasion I’ve created a menu around a cocktail, so we all know where my priorities lie). This fresh peach and lemon verbena soda looks perfect. Light and slightly effervescent, this soda is good for those icy bubbles you’re craving on a long golden evening.  {From Love and Olive Oil}

If you’re looking for something with a bit of a kick, I suggest this blueberry-cucumber gimlet; it’s simple, delightfully purple, and astoundingly refreshing (I know blueberries, I honestly just can’t help myself). {lead photo from The Boys Club}


Now, let’s talk salad. A salad is a quintessential potluck accompaniment. One that is made entirely of a superfood is even better. You should probably just start eating this now to combat all of that ice cream/beer/chips you will consume. Or just make it because it’s delicious; that’s acceptable too. {from The Sprouted Kitchen}


Want something a bit heartier than a kale salad? This decadent sea scallop ceviche is made for a sturdy tortilla chip. For you non-pescatarians out there, a panzanella will work well too. This salad is fortified with crusty bread, olives, and artichokes; it would be a great dinner on any night when chopping is your max desired output. {from The Food In My Beard and Kitchen Confidante}

No meal is complete without a refreshing dessert and both of these remarkably simple fruit desserts should cool you off. For everyone who wishes they had their own frozen banana stand in the backyard, a chocolate covered banana is made for you. These are simple and delicious, a winning combination. {from Joy the Baker}


The tartness of these raspberries is only enhanced by the flowery saffron and the crunch of the almonds. This is sure to be a great dessert for the adults in the crowd. I wouldn’t turn it down topped with a bit of whipped cream on top either. {from 101 Cookbooks}

All photos courtesy of Ken, Lindsay and Taylor, Sara, Dan, Liren, Joy, and Heidi.

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