What We’re Loving: Fresh Herbs




Herbs are a truly transformative ingredient, especially in abundance. Bought from the grocery store, however, they come in small packages at high prices, and I never use them as freely as I’d like. One must be judicious with fish sauce, cinnamon, and hot peppers; never herbs.

Luckily, herbs are easy to grow yourself and there are always leafy bouquets to be found at a farmer’s market. As summer winds down, many varieties are overflowing their beds, demanding to be used. When it comes to this sort of volume, sprinkling chopped basil over supper simply won’t cut it. Transform your pantry and delight your taste buds with our favorite ways to use herbs, courtesy of our favorite bloggers.

The herb recipe most everyone knows and loves is Pesto, that ever-forgiving and always-enhancing whirl of nuts, cheese, herbs, and olive oil. We’re partial to this one because it comes with suggestions on how to use it (other than on everything, of course). {from A Beautiful Mess}


Smeared on hot toast, dolloped on steak or fish, or eaten straight from the serving dish, Compound Butter is a lovely way to freshen your plate and, if possible, make butter even better. {from Buns in My Oven}


Rosemary and Garlic Infused Olive Oil may sound intimidating in theory, but is happily simple and economical in reality. Infused olive oil brings new dimension to any dish, and a whole new level of sophistication to entertaining. “Oh, yes, the olive oil? I infused it myself,” you can murmur, whilst cartwheeling on the inside. {from Playful Cooking}


Olive Oil and Vinegar are a perfect pair, so it seems only appropriate that your vinegars get a touch of the garden as well. We’ve fallen head over heels for this Sage-Blossom Vinegar, but suspect just about any herb would do just as nicely. {from Family Spice}


Once your pantry and fridge are chock full of herbed goodies, take the remaining stems and bundles and freshen up tonight’s meal. Is there anything better than a Simple Pasta with Fresh Herbs? Serve with a burst tomato salad and some wine, and let summer’s last rays wrap you up in their warmth. {from Not Without Salt}

All photos courtesy of Emma & Elsie, Karly, Kankana, Laura, and Ashley.

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