What We Love: Chilled Summer Soups


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Stews and soups and hearty bowls of beans haven’t exactly been on the menu lately. But summer is hardly the time to pack away your spoons. As long as the charming cross between a smoothie and a pureed, chilled soup exists, my spoon is staying tightly clutched and ready for action.

Tomato Gazpacho is the most widely recognized, but to contain your summer soup experience to one vegetable is to do yourself a culinary disservice. There are berries, and melons, and bright crunchy vegetables waiting to transport you to a warm summer evening, filled with friends and wine and the cool, refreshing taste of fresh produce. This week we’re showcasing some of the more unusual (and ludicrously flavorful) ways to make your blender earn it’s keep.  {lead photo by Green Kitchen Stories}


For a spicy yet calming treat, try this Cold Carrot and Coconut Milk Soup. It’s spiced with jalapeno, but offsets the fire with coconut milk, which has a delicate flavor and luscious smooth texture. {from Spiced}

The folks over at Love & Olive Oil steer peaches away from sugary and towards savory with their Peach Gazpacho, teeming with cucumber, avocado, and a generous glug of, you guessed it, olive oil. {from Love & Olive Oil}

blueberry soup 2

The color alone of this stunning Chilled Blueberry Soup was enough to make us swoon. Throw in mint and honey and we’re tasting summer, Maine, and our newest summer dessert! {from kumquat}


The traditional Gazpacho was bound to make an appearance, but this one comes with a kick! Gazpacho with a Spicy Twist gives the tried-and-true an update with hot peppers and a little vinegar. {from The Best Thing I Ever Ate…and then Some}

Finally, Cold Avocado Soup may have a simple name, but its flavor is anything but. Dill, lemon, and a hint of Tabasco make this the perfect appetizer or mid-meal interlude. You could also just drink giant batches of it in the middle of the night, but the photos make us feel a little more refined. {from Green Kitchen Stories}

All photos courtesy of Geoffrey, David, Lindsay and Taylor, Gretchen, Jennifer, and David and Luise.

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