What We’re Loving: Boozy Preserves




We’ve all done it: eyed the jam in the corner and thought, “I wonder if a little vodka in there would make it better?” The answer my friends, is yes. I’ve spent the past couple weeks scouring the internet and have come to these conclusions:

  1. Fruit is delicious
  2. Fruit that is preserved to go into a cocktail is EVEN BETTER

I’ve looked at so much delicious booze-infused fruit and I seem to have struck fruit preservation gold. Yes, we all love it as fresh fruit. But in the dead of winter when cherries are a faint memory and it’s what you must have right now, why not reach for that Boozy Cherry Jam you put up in June. They will be there to help you be better, live better, drink better. {from Steph Chows}

From cordials to simple infusions to jams to shrubs, we eventually landed on these seven links. They are bright, colorful, boozy, and flavorful – exactly what we need, now or next winter.


I just recently learned about the shrub as a cocktail accompaniment from Josh Taylor of West Bridge – as he poured me a cocktail laced with one. I was thrilled when, a few days later, I saw this Strawberry-Rhubarb shrub – it’s stunning and delicious with just about anything. Not a rhubarb fan? No worries – try this Black Raspberry Shrub. {from A Thought for Food and Food in Jars}


Just want to booze up your morning jam a little bit instead? Go for this luscious Boozy Meyer Lemon Marmalade, or satisfy that nagging bacon craving with a bit of Bourbon Bacon Jam. {from Eat Boutique and Rachel White}


And last, but certainly not least, for those of us who truly want to drink the fruits of our labor – learn the ins and outs of infusing your liquors with the Food 52 crew (again with the blueberries, sorry I am kind of obsessed). Or for the true creatives out there, try some Green Walnut Liqueur. I love the color and texture. Also – how have I not seen more cross sectioned walnuts in my life?! They are simply stunning! {from Food 52 and Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook}


So that’s it, our little roundup of Boozy Preserves to line your shelves and fill your fridge. Later, when you’ve got jam on your shelves but no bread (hey, it happens), you should probably make this Jam Cocktail, because we all need to be able to have our jam and drink it too. Right? {from Eat Boutique}

All photos taken and styled by Maggie, Heidi, Steph, Rachel, Marisa, Brian, and Brandon.

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