National Can-it-Forward Day is August 17th




Even though I grew up in a canning household, I’m still a little intimidated by the process. The concept of Can It Forward Day is something I can totally get behind as a learning (and eating) opportunity! If my sister wasn’t turning the big 3-0 that day, I would totally be there, canning jars in hand, waiting eagerly to fill them with a glop of jam. Instead, you’ll have to hunt me down and share your knowledge later over a cocktail or a jam kettle. -Kathy

The first time I ever canned anything happened to be on camera. We were filming a segment for a national news show on the resurgence of preserving. Lyn, my Boston Food Swap co-founder, was running the process, not only because she’s a little Type A, but because she happened to be the only one of us who had canned before. We were making Amy Traverso’s apple butter from The Apple Lover’s Cookbook. I was so afraid I was going to mess it up horribly or give the news anchor botulism.

Of course, the butter turned out fine, and now you’ll find me swapping everything from pickles to peach jam at our monthly events. For health and safety purposes, preserving recipes come with a list of do’s and don’ts that can sometimes scare first-timers away from canning. But, as I discovered that day, it’s really not hard or complicated when someone shows you how.


National Can-It-Forward Day celebrates bringing people together and teaching others the art of canning. This year, Boston Food Swap is gathering at Niche Urban Garden Supply in the South End of Boston to make canners out of you. Whether you’re completely new or just want to hang out with other preserving people, join us on August 17th for a hands-on water bath canning demo. We’ll share how easy it is, and send you home with sweet new skills and a jar of your own creation. We hope you’ll join us!

For those of you far away, we love our collection of canned creations on Eat Boutique.

All photos taken and styled by Tara Bellucci.

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