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Pecans (yes, all pecans) do not originate in South America, as is widely believed. They originate less than fifty miles from my childhood home in Central Texas, which I have always taken as an especial sign from the food gods (the sign being I should consume copious amounts of pecans).

For me, pecans mean autumn. Pecans mean harvesting from old trees as leaves turn, and lugging bursting grocery bags to the senior center to be cracked at 25 cents a pound. Pecans mean sitting around the dinner table, nutcracker in hand, a teetering pile of discarded shells rising before you. Finally, and best of all, they mean spiced and roasted holiday nuts; they evoke Thanksgiving and special dinners and snagging the last few halves off of little platters when the grown-ups aren’t looking.


This is all a long-winded way of saying that Treat Bakeshop had me at pecans.

Treat Bakeshop is the brainchild of Sarah Feldner, a cookbook writer and lifetime foodie. Inspired by her childhood friend’s treats, she started Treat Bakeshop in 2011, and embarked on her dream of running her own business whilst working in food. Initially Sarah made her spiced pecans for friends and gave them away as gifts, but they quickly became wildly popular and that trend only continued once the business launched.


Since Sarah’s main goal is making a great-tasting pecan with the best ingredients she can get, the popularity isn’t hard to understand. She takes the already wonderful nut, sourced from family growers in Georgia, and elevates it through spicing and roasting. Treat Bakeshop utilizes heat and a little imagination to coax out deep and satisfying flavors from the humble pecan, rendering it fatty and salty and rich, which pairs perfectly with the added toasty sweetness.

Though they certainly stand alone, and I’ve certainly never had trouble eating just nuts, Treat’s Spiced Pecans pair beautifully with a menagerie of foods and dishes. Sarah suggests serving them with a cheese plate, adding them for taste and texture to salads, or her personal favorite, atop homemade ice cream. We’re understandably biased towards eating them as a crunchy topping over a creamy panna cotta.


However you choose to consume them, Treat Bakeshop’s Spiced Pecans are a decadent and relatively healthy indulgence that we believe everyone deserves to experience. In case you don’t have time to harvest from centuries-old pecan trees and gently roast the little morsels in grandma’s favorite spice mix, pick up a genuine treat (pun utterly intended) from the Shop today!


All photos taken and styled by Maggie Battista, Denise Woodward, and Treat Bakeshop.

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