I Scream Sandwich!




Did you know that today is National Ice Cream Sandwich day!? I know what you’re thinking, “Everyday is some national holiday, Kathy. Why is this one so important?” Because National Ice Cream Sandwich day means you get to indulge in ice cream and cookies. At the same time. Bloody brilliant.

I’m celebrating the day by creating debaucherous ice cream sandwiches from I Scream Sandwich: Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Frozen Treat. Seriously, this book. I’m not sure where to begin. Maybe with the basics? Or the entire chapter that showcases recipes inspired by world travels? Or maybe a classic? SO many choices, so many combinations. So. Much. Ice Cream.


From sorbet to gelato to frozen yogurt to ice cream, Jennie Schacht has it covered. This book is dessert/mid-afternoon snack gold. And there are real gems in here like boozy pumpkin-pecan ice cream in a snickerdoodle cookie sandwich. Well, if I must, I will sacrifice myself to the greater good (Harry Potter taught me that it’s always better to sacrifice yourself).

Jennie does a remarkable job of sharing the basics and helping you solve your ice cream problems with a friendly, approachable tone. She also uses building block recipes; offering useful tips and guides for everything from filling an ice cream sandwich successfully to creating the perfect base.


And if all of that’s not enough, she offers workarounds. Don’t have an ice cream maker of your own? Jennie gives tips for using store bought ice cream to get the same results. Scared of making those meringue cookies? No worries, just use store bought ones. Want to “Sandwich it your way”? Jennie’s got a guide for that too and it covers all the ice creams, cookies, and ripples/swirls in the book.

So grab an ice cream sandwich and celebrate the day in style.


All photos styled and taken by Kathy Day.

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