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I have a confession: I’ve never been to Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. However, I’m now plying my boyfriend to plan a weekend trip to Nantucket as soon as possible. All I want to do is hang out on the island, drink and eat dinner at Proprietor’s. You’ll want to as well as soon as you read Lauren’s take on this newest island spot. ~Kathy

A few weeks ago my sister went on a cooking vacation to Tuscany…without me.   She basked in the morning sun at her villa, drank wine, cooked homemade pizza and pasta, rabbit, cod soufflé, meat sauces and the list goes on.  Then she drank more wine and dined under the stars.  I was jealous, obviously.

So I went to Nantucket, buried my toes in the sand, grilled zucchini and corn, ate lobster and ice cream.   And I plotted.  I invited my sister to join me when she got home, and I would take her on a follow-up food trip…this time we would eat around Nantucket, no cooking involved.

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We would only have the weekend, so I had to be reasonable, and I have a wonderful little 11-month old, so her schedule played a role.  Still, my agenda to hit so many favorites in such a short time was aggressive: ice cream at Juice Guys (Madaket Mudpie, trust me), a homemade nutter butter from Petticoat Row Bakery for the road, a sandwich from Something Natural for the beach, tacos at Millie’s for lunch if we could squeeze it in, and steamed lobsters from 167 East Coast Seafood.

We would be able to enjoy one dinner out: brand new The Proprietors Bar & Table. With two other girlfriends and my husband in tow, we nestled ourselves into a corner table for our late reservation.

I already have a love affair with so many restaurants on the island, but I have to admit I have a new crush.  I fell head over heels for The Proprietors Bar & Table.

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It is where I want to go after a long day.  It is where I want to go with a group of friends, or on a date, or with my parents or for any reason you can imagine.  It’s kind of magical that way.

The restaurant is new, but didn’t show any signs of breaking itself in.  It’s been freshly remodeled – custom wallpaper, reclaimed wood, and light fixtures that include blubs ensconced in mason jars – after taking over a space in the heart of town, but still felt just the right amount of worn in and relaxed.  It was easy to feel at home, and so we made ourselves comfortable, drinking and eating for a good three hours.

At the end of the giant, gorgeous wood-top bar is the house cocktail list, scrawled on an even bigger chalkboard. My sister ordered the #6: Ambient, Precise, Effervescent, according to the menu.  The mix of Barsol Pisco, Bitter Lemon Soda, Coconut Sugar, and Perilla Leaf was pretty, it smelled insanely good and tasted like the best lemonade you’ve ever had.  I chose from the classic cocktail menu – a Paloma with house-made grapefruit soda.


And then we got down to eating. Smoked bluefish fritters, tater cubes, crispy rare tuna were among my favorites.  Off the hot plancha, the king trumpet mushrooms and halloumi cheese were the standouts of the night.  And then we got to dessert: hot Moroccan Doughnuts with orange thyme honey and frozen greek yogurt and a chocolate candy bar tart – essentially a homemade candy bar.  Did I mention doughnuts are my favorite food group?

Proprietors was the right place to take my sister after her travel to Europe soaking up the Italian countryside and culture – it’s design, décor and menu are meant to evoke the island’s rich whaling history when sailors returned from long voyages.   Thankfully, I only had to travel 30 miles out to sea to get there.


All photos styled and taken by Brisie Sager and Lisa Frey.

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