What We’re Loving: Blueberries


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I spent my childhood in a large blueberry field (about fifty acres, there was a lot of open space and many deer, think Blueberries For Sal). In this giant blueberry field, I grew to appreciate the blueberry as the best possible berry.  Ranging in color from smoky blue to dark purple, they were perfect as a snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner… well, you get the idea.

When blueberries are in season we pretty much lived on them. From pancakes to pies, we ate all the berries, ALL THE BERRIES. In honor of Maine Wild Blueberry season coming up and High-Bush Blueberry season happening right now, I decided to embrace the blue and share my berry favorite recipe picks from all over the internet.


Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil fame uses blueberries unexpectedly in a wonderful Watermelon-Blueberry Salsa here. Blueberries mostly call to mind pies, tarts and jams – sweet uses that we all love from an already sweet fruit – so salsa is genius. This salsa looks so good I want to bring it onto my back porch with a big bowl of chips and call it dinner. Maybe with a cocktail?

For dessert, I think a tart is just the thing. This Earl Grey Custard Berry Tart from Russell over at Chasing Delicious is beautiful and delightfully fresh. Sometimes you just want a berry accent, and he nails that concept here. I’m totally lusting after this bergamot scented dessert. Lusting. Russell, do you want to come visit Boston? I’ll give you a bed, if you’ll make this tart. I swear.


Blueberry jam is the basis of any good harvest season and Marisa has us covered with her basic and simple blueberry jam recipe. This was one of Marisa’s first ever canning projects and I sympathize. We always made blueberry jam (sometimes with concord grapes, if we were lucky). Making jam is a right of passage to any good berry eater – so go for it, embrace the jam.

Looking for a way to use up that jam? Why not put it on some Blueberry Lemon Drizzle Bread from Buttered Side Up? This bread looks like it would be perfect at breakfast, tea time, or dessert, basically whenever you need a sweet nibble. Go for it – your tastebuds will not be sorry.


No blueberry roundup is complete without a proper pie and we’re loving the free form easiness of the Slab Pie from Food52. It’s so gorgeous and forgiving, and will totally feed a crowd. I should probably bring it to my parents house when I next visit, as two teenage brothers are basically a crowd, right?

All photos taken and styled by Marisa, Erica, Lindsay and Taylor, James Ransom, and Russell.

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