Frog’s Leap Tea Lane Farm Dinner




A few months ago, I spent four nurturing days at the Martha’s Vineyard Wine Festival. It was a little respite of wine, farms and food before the onslaught of travel, travel, travel to spread the Eat Boutique word. It was also where I met some friends for life, including Vijay Nathan, a friend whom I regret not seeing since because he’s pretty wonderful. I am not buttering Vijay up as an apology for not seeing him. Nope, not at all!

I can’t speak for Vijay but my favorite event was the big farm dinner hosted by Frog’s Leap Winery at Tea Lane Farm. A tundra of rain and wind and lightening had hit the island yet we stayed warm – though not so dry – in a big barn. Chefs slaved away at several courses of loveliness paired with delicious wine. I still remember every moment…

Lucky lucky me, I sat next to island photographer Elizabeth Cecil. She captured the night, the wine, the moments perfectly and I wanted to share them with you. I hope your summer is turning out just as you expected. And if it’s not… well… let’s escape to a barn for wine and food sometime soon, okay? Or maybe we can meet up for coffee and scheme up how we can turn your summer around? There’s still time… promise! xox

Tea-Lane-Dinner-06 Tea-Lane-Dinner-02 Tea-Lane-Dinner-03 Tea-Lane-Dinner-04 Tea-Lane-Dinner-07 Tea-Lane-Dinner-08 Tea-Lane-Dinner-09

Photos taken by Elizabeth Cecil.

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