What We’re Loving: Alfresco Dining


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Wintertime makes us think of snuggling up in fuzzy blankets and of eating warm, cozy dinners inside. The summer, however, invites a different sort of dining, one that none of us enjoy nearly enough. Most of us associate Alfresco Dining with antique dining tables groaning with hand-thrown pottery in the middle of some sort of orchard – put bluntly, we associate it with fairy-land and not-gonna-happen.

But at the root of Alfresco Dining, quite literally, is the wonderfully inclusive definition: outdoors, in the open air. To dine Alfresco is to marry our meal with it’s humble beginnings – to savor the taste of summer bounty out in the world it grew in. Somehow, food tastes more vibrant when a breeze is playing with your hair and the air is filled with summer sounds.

Therefore, handmade lace doilies and mason jar chandeliers are not requirements (though certainly amp up ambiance) to enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures. So this Friday, we’re looking at all the ways we love to dine in open spaces, from cobbled-together dinners on the porch to highbrow affairs amidst century old Spanish grapes. {lead image from Little Upside Down Cake}


The Backyard:

Most of us have a table, a couple of chairs that aren’t nailed to the floor, and some sort of outdoor space, whether that be a landscaped backyard or a tiny terrace. Thankfully, that’s all anyone needs to make a routine meal feel like a magical treat. A vase of droopy blooms, your favorite plates, and a handful of friends make all the difference. {from Apartment Therapy and Inspire Bohemia}


The Picnic:

The wonderful thing about picnics is that they lend themselves to finger food and gorgeous views. Since you’re leaving behind bulky items like a dining room set, your limits are only as far as you’re willing to travel. Make camp in a local park, or drive to a nearby lake. The view is free, and completely up to your whimsy. A picnic can also be as basic as a good wedge of cheese, a little fruit, and a hefty bottle of wine, so the stress of planning appetizers and courses and will-the-cake-be-done-in-time flies out the window, along with your responsibilities. {from The Tunbridge Wells Mum, Eat Drink Pretty and The Hip Paris Blog}


The Fancy Affair:

Finally, for the most ambitious diners (and so the rest of us can drool), there are the on-location, chandelier lit, carefully table-scaped fetes of our wildest dreams. We strongly believe everyone should have a go at an extravagant Al Fresco Dinner Party at least once. But before we all write off the idea as impossible, remember there’s power in a prettily-draped tablecloth and no one ever said you couldn’t ask your guests to bring the food! {from Ribbons and Rust, Inspire Bohemia, and Sandy Koepke Design}

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