Big Island Bees Honey


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Big Island Bees is the sort of maker we dream about. Founded in 1971 in lush Hawaii, this family-owned, fourth-generation operation is all about producing the best honey they can – and in the process, treating their bees like royalty.

A hive’s honey will taste of what it eats, similar to how a cow’s spring butter reflects the grasses it’s munching. It would seem plain old tropical flora just doesn’t cut it, because Big Island Bees actually grazes its bees. Each night the hives are carefully moved to a new location, depending on what is in season. When the macadamia nut trees are in bloom, to the macadamia groves they go. When Ohi’a Lehua blossoms open, the bees are brought to feast on the native (and exclusive to Hawaii) nectar. These are some seriously pampered insects.

What all this incredible work results in is a naturally stunning, creamy, and floral honey. Big Island Bees leaves their honey unheated and unfiltered; they have no need to clarify or mask flavors. It’s just that good. Simply spread on a craggy piece of crisped toast, it’s heaven.


Big Island Bees takes us beyond toast to honey-based delights on their blog. If you’re not drooling over their honey-glazed nuts, cold citrus and honey parfaits, or honeyed scallop skewers, you have no heart (or incredible self control).

Grab a jar for your favorite person, because this ambrosia is that unique and flavorful. Grab a jar for yourself, so you can be whisked away to Hawaii’s ocean bluffs and lush forests (yes, the bees take better vacations than any of us). Eat a velvety spoonful (or ten) straight from the jar. The bees would want you to.


All photos taken and styled by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio. Order Big Island Bees Honey on Eat Boutique today.

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