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If you read Eat Boutique regularly, you may have noticed we have a shop. In that shop, we sell incredible works of art by true artisans who consider the process as seriously as they do the final delicious product.

Alas, we don’t have the capability to showcase and share every amazing food maker out there (there are many, and the ranks swell every day!), which is why we started the Eat Boutique-Style Food board on Pinterest last year. Now we can drool over items in our shop and over the precious gems across the Interwebs. And sometimes, those gems find their way into our shop.

Curating a beautiful food collection is a pretty daunting task, so we asked for help. The Eat Boutique-Style Food board has several regular contributors who keep us inspired. We consider them to be our tribe of food stylists with fantastic taste, and thought you should get to know them too. (Join in on the fun by sharing your Pinterest account below and we’ll invite YOU to pin too!)


Pinterest Stylists

Yvette: cookbook author, food stylist, illustrator, and restaurant owner? Yvette wears many culinary hats, and we’re not quite sure how she does it. We’d accuse her of being superwoman, if her aesthetic sense wasn’t so light and ethereal. So we’ll go with Food Fairy Godmother. Check out her personal pins and her website! Oh and she’s written a few (amazing) cookbooks too…

Tara: loves Italian food and flea markets, which are all one really needs, si? Tara co-founded the Boston Food Swap, an inspiring and practical exchange between foodies that facilitates sharing and happy taste buds. She also writes for Apartment Therapy and is a marketing wiz. Her pinterest boards  are filled with gorgeous design ideas, and you can learn more about her here.

Heidi: Alongside her roaring food styling and photography business, Heidi also manages to find time to write articles and take positively glowing photos for Eat Boutique.  Check out her classic and always elegant style on pinterest, and escape into a world of pristine light through her blog.

Gail: Gail is a former wedding cake designer, which explains her romantic aesthetic and delicate touch. Now she’s the proprietress of A Stack of Dishes, develops delicious and healthy recipes, and pins food, food, food.


If you’d like to join the ranks of our fantastic Pinterest Stylists, just let us know below. And as always, keep eating boutique!

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