Tifamade, Paris


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Tiffany and I missed each other in Paris. She was there and I was back here and we just never got a chance to meet which is tragic, oui? But I am in love with her original sandwich business called Tifamade, all delivered on a pink bike across the streets of Paris, and she’s eager to get back. Her Kickstarter campaign is in its final days, so read her words start-up story below and then view her campaign (with a nifty handmade video)! Big big thank you to Meg of De Quelle Planete Es-Tu?! for sharing her photos of the Kinfolk Tifamade picnic in Paris – warning: dreamy photos of Paris after the story! -Maggie

I ended up in Paris after I met a French man in New York. It’s one of those typical stories of love at first sight, flowers in bloom and listening to Serge Gainsbourg on one set of headphones. What I didn’t know is that the relationship wouldn’t last six months once I had moved to France.

It wasn’t just one bag that I packed. It was the entire contents of my Brooklyn apartment, including a cat named Frida and a pink bike. When things ended with l’homme français, I knew I couldn’t go back to the States. I still couldn’t speak French, I hadn’t made any friends; in fact, I had barely left the flat since my arrival. I was scared. I decided to put on my big girl pants. What came out of that heartbreak and frustration was a little sandwich business I call Tifamade.


Restaurants have been part of my life since I was a little girl. My mom was a waitress back then, and I learned how to fold napkin linens before I could tie my shoe laces. As a teenager I preferred working in a bakery to babysitting. The first restaurant where I finally learned about the connection between food and love was a place called Potager in Denver (it’s still my inspiration). It was there that I learned how eating with the seasons just makes sense.

When I started making sandwiches, I knew that I wanted to use quality ingredients from local farmers. I also had this idea that I would deliver food on my bike. My French friends told me that a food truck would never work in Paris (this was before the success of Le Camion Qui Fume). I was going to art exhibitions and realizing there was lots of wine being served, but not much food. Estelle Hanania is a friend of mine who was having an exhibition (I love the French word for this: vernissage). I asked her if I could deliver sandwiches to the gallery. That was the first Tifamade event.

I continued to make more sandwiches and petit à petit, as luck would have it, a business grew. Read more about the Tifamade Kickstarter campaign but not before you take a peek at Meg’s pretty photos below.


Tifamade-Paris-3 Tifamade-Paris-6

Tifamade-Paris-4 Tifamade-Paris-7 Tifamade-Paris-8 Tifamade-Paris-9 Tifamade-Paris-10 Tifamade-Paris-11 Tifamade-Paris-12 Tifamade-Paris-13

All words written by Tiffany Lung. All photos taken by Meg of De Quelle Planete Es Tu?!

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