Planning a Trip to Ireland




Ever since I was about ten, I wanted to visit Ireland. I think it was because of the way my family spoke of the Irish, always with fondness for their ways, appreciation for their struggles and admiration for their fortitude. To this day, my uncle can’t enter a pub without mentioning that he’s never met an Irish man he hasn’t instantly loved.

And now that I’m married to an official Irish citizen, I plan to skip from pub to pub in that tiny country this summer. I’m going to explore and meet my husband’s family. I hope to stay in an old stone house, and stare for miles at a sea of green and the actual sea. I also want to soak up all the food goodness that I know is hiding in the nooks of the land. Between the cookery schools in the south and the bloggers I’ve come to know all over, I hope to return with a few good stories on amazing Irish food gatherings.

And this is where YOU come in…



After this blog post last week, I’ve heard from so many of you about your past visits to Ireland. I’d like some advice on where to go, who to meet, and the various foods that I must enjoy on my trip. I’m sure you took a pint at a favorite pub – which pub? Perhaps you took a cooking class that I would just love – which class? And I’m guessing you all know an Irish food-oriented person that you also instantly loved – would they like to meet up for tea or, better yet, a whiskey? Introduce us!

Please share, because…



… the thought of planning this Irish food trip is exciting but daunting too. I need help so I’ve created an Ireland 2013 Pinterest board to track all the things I want to see on my trip. If you’d like to join that board, just email me.

Oh, and did you know that I’m on Pinterest and Eat Boutique is on Pinterest? Are you? Share a link to your Pinterest account in the comments below as I’d love to follow you too.

Lastly, these photos make me fall in love with the trip I’m planning. Between the landscape shots and the food shots, I’m just too excited. They were taken by two pretty amazing women: Sara and Imen. If you do not follow their blogs today, well, get to it!

The photos of Sara’s Honeymoon are beyond gorgeous. And, Imen and I both love Irish Cream Pavlova; I cannot wait to see the documentary Small Green Fields she’s been working on.

Thank you, ladies, and… thank you all for the Ireland advice! More soon…






All photos taken by and appear with permission from Sara and Imen

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