Bow and Sparrow Bakery, San Francisco


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Did you get to sample Bow & Sparrow Bakery’s shortbread truffle sandwiches at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market? I did. In fact, I definitely circled back for more…again…and then again one last time. These pretty sandwich cookies are handcrafted in San Francisco by Melissa Mecca. Get to know her and her other small batch loves, then grab a cup of coffee and enjoy one of these goodies (my favorite was the cheesecake truffle!)

Q:  When did you start making food and what inspired your food? 

A: I’ve always experimented with food, and have been an avid home baker for years. As a professional designer for many years, of course, my food style is driven largely by my visual sense. While I love baking, I also experiment a lot with fresh ingredients and raw dishes.

Q:  What is a great way to use your small batch food item?

A: Our shortbread truffle sandwich cookies go really well with a dessert wine, a fruity Reisling, or of course — a strong cup of coffee.


Q:  Where is your boutique food business located and what are some of the tastiest local or nearby eats (or drinks!)?  

A: We bake in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. This area is changing a lot these days, and new restaurants are opening up all the time. For an afternoon break, I can’t stay away from the veggie reuben and beignets at Just for You Cafe. Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous has great small batch ice cream, and cocktails at Serpentine are amazing.

Q:  What other small batch food items do you love to eat?

A: I’m a bit of a coffee snob, and my bias is really indulged here in San Francisco — from Stumptown to Blue Bottle and Four Barrel — we have a lot of great coffee options to experiment with. We even included some in our coffee truffle. Amazing!

Q:  What’s most import to you (handmade, small batch or local ingredients) and why? 

A: I think the ingredients we use are the most important — you really can tell the difference when switching butters, coffees, and other ingredients — and customers can tell. Everyone we meet really seeks out products that are wholly from our local community. It’s a refreshing and welcome change for me from having worked in digital marketing for so long.


All answers provided by Melissa Mecca. Photos courtesy of Bow & Sparrow Bakery.

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