What We’re Loving: Vegetarian Comfort Food


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Comfort foods are the kind of dishes you don’t have to slave over — restlessly stirring a pot for hours as you fret over a dinner that’s scheduled to start promptly at six. Instead, comfort food is about ease and heart. A pot you leave simmering on the stove, letting flavors mingle in their own time as you sit close and relax with the ones you love. Suddenly, each of you realizes that your stomaches are collectively grumbling, calling out for food that is nourishing. After scooping spoonfulls into over-sized bowls, you retreat back to your nest of blankets and pillows. Silence ensues as first bites are taken and memories emerge, calling you back to moments past where you truly felt you were cared for, safe, and full.

These recipes selected from a few of our favorite bloggers are comfort food at their finest. Cook one up tonight and…just be.

I get in comfort food mode whenever I see a “Surprise”  recipe, as they almost always reveal a dish which only gets better as you dig into its alternating layers. Here in this Sweet Potato Surprise hearty tubers mingle with a decadent cheese sauce, brown rice pasta, greens, and plenty of spice. Plus, this satisfier is both vegan and gluten free — surprise! {from Love and Lemons}

For any of us doubting the ease of getting in our greens this cold winter season, this Vegan Creamed Kale is the key to loading up on the good stuff by way of ultimate comfort food bliss. You may end up subsisting on only this cashew cream sauce for the remainder of winter…I mean this not as warning, but simply as a word of advice. {from Mince and Type}

I try not to practice comfort food bias, but chili is my ultimate go to in the world of soothing food. It brings back countless kitchen moments — the tortilla-scooped chili of my childhood, the everything but the kitchen sink chilis that sustained me through college. I like that this Buffalo Chickpea and Bulgur Chili recipe adds a little ole to my chili memories with an extra dash of hot sauce heat and the addition of nutty bulgur. {from Naturally Ella}


My twin brother is a mac and cheese addict. The stick to your ribs combination of macaroni, cheese and spices is his comfort food especially when, like this Mexican Mac and Cheese, it’s baked til oozy and bubbling, a golden brown crust topping the whole thing off. He’d go crazy for this mac gone across the border, with the  addition of cumin, lime and cilantro. {from The Fig Tree}

There is something so comforting about pairing food with prose. Just reading this ode to Leek Risotto fills me with warmth. If you need me I’ll be curled up under a soft blanket, big book of poetry in one hand, big bowl of leek risotto in the other. {from Eat This Poem}

All photos taken by and appear with permission from Erin and Courtney

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