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Hello, hello… it’s almost February!

It feels like just last week I was guzzling champagne in celebration of a new year and now, wow, it’s February. One month down and I wonder, how are you doing? Have you found a way to eat what you love – a little healthy, a little indulgent, a little juicing, a little chocolate? Have you planned an escape to some wonderful hidden gem spot? Are you just as excited for February as I am?

J’adore February. I love that Valentine’s Day is smack in the middle of the month and, bien sur, love is my favorite feeling. February also means I visit New York City for the Cookbook Conference. I’m on a panel about the future of food and cookbooks and don’t tell them that I have absolutely no clue as to what I’ll say just yet but if you want to be a supportive face in the crowd, gosh, I could use that. (And I can wink when it’s time to giggle.) Grab a spot before they’re gone. There’s a good session on self-publishing that you should definitely consider too – right, Sheila?!

The real reason I love February is totally selfish. It’s my birthday month – a big birthday month, you only turn 21 once or maybe thrice – and a moment of reflection is necessary. I get to smash my love for technology and food together into this business. I get to send Small Batch by Season winter gift boxes to our subscribers and feel so much respect and love for everything inside. Between apricot jam and preserved lemons and seed-and-fruit-filled-granola, this wholesome gift box is so reflective of what we’re trying to do here at Eat Boutique and I get warm and fuzzy thinking this is all starting to make sense. (There will be many more new small batch discoveries in our spring gift box, so think about coming along for the ride…)

Being a February birthday lady, one might say I have an excellent excuse to drink bubbles every single night. My Mother would say that I have an excellent excuse to drink cocktails all month long just like they do when celebrating a birthday in Honduras (really?!?), so I’m listening to Mom. During the month of February, I’m celebrating by squeezing in as many homemade cocktail posts as possible. Until then, enjoy the photos of our latest subscription gift box and savor the month, because spring will be here sooner than we think… and with it, spring cleaning, ugh!

Thinking of you, Maggie


Photos by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio

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