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I tend to focus most of the time on what everyone else is eating. I often want what my husband ordered after our dishes arrive. I spend the majority of my day feeding my newborn daughter and reading books about what I will puree for her in just a few more weeks. I give restaurant recommendations to friends coming to town. And yes, here at Eat Boutique I help Maggie taste food we hope you will love as much as we do.

But for once, a few weeks ago, I was treated to a seasonal selection of local foods prepared just for me by a chef.  No kidding! I was gifted a Once a Week share at Cuisine en Locale (based in Cambridge, Massachusetts) and what that means is I called up and spoke directly with personal chef JJ Gonson.  I told her what week I would like my share and she said sure! Whatever was fresh and in season that week would be whipped up into a delicious series of dishes and delivered to my door on a Tuesday afternoon. I said thank you and hung up, it was that easy.

OK, so I didn’t hang up right away, but chatted with JJ a few moments and found out that her team of cooks convenes in a local kitchen and puts together big batches of food using local and seasonal ingredients that are then doled out and packaged up for shareholders like me.


The menu for my share week included goose gratin, which was like a chunky potato gratin with fresh herbs and a creamy sauce made with goose stock plus a lobster bisque that tasted like autumn.  I’m talking nutmeg, maple sugar, cream, paprika, delicious.  Plus, one of my favorites, a cured trout spread, perfect to serve as an appetizer with friends (the only part of my share that I actually shared!).  There was a lobster with curry, pork ‘n’ beans dish and chorizo with vegetables along with some greens and scotch broth to round out my delivery.

Of course I owe a big thank you to Maggie, the woman behind my Cuisine en Locale gift.  Somehow she knew that a new mom might not have much time to spend in the kitchen but still deserved some good, hearty food to enjoy.

Photos from Cuisine en Locale.

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