Noma Restaurant, Copenhagen


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For the last four days, I’ve chanted “I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky.”

I dragged my family and all sorts of holiday-esque nourishments up to an 1800s home on a pond in the tiniest of villages in Vermont. We had an absolutely delightful Christmas in tundra-like cold with bits of sunshine peeking through at the most opportune times, like when I had my camera fully charged or when I mustered cookie-charged energy to take long pretty walks. Oh, snowy Vermont villages love to show off and I have the photos to prove it… coming soon.

The frigid holiday reminded me of another time when I did double takes and rubbed my eyes frequently, grateful for my fortune. In March of 2012, I spent two days in Copenhagen to take a lunch at Noma with my visual-storyteller/partner-in-travel Heidi Murphy (White Loft Studio). Five hours later, we had these photos and a story I wrote for Spenser Magazine.

The visit was amazing, full of new adventures, including getting to meet Rene Redzepi and Matthew Orlando (Noma’s head chef). I returned from Denmark full of new ideas and creative inspirations, sort of like how I feel after four days in Vermont.

I’m off to Maine for New Year’s and until I get a moment to share some holiday photos, enjoy this little interlude from our trip to Noma. Happy holidays!

All photos taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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