What We’re Loving: Holiday Cookies


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Is there anything more memory invoking than the sweet, soothing smell of cookies baking during the holidays? The rich scent of molasses takes me back to snow days spent shoulder to shoulder in my family’s kitchen, pressing flour-dredged cookie cutters into freshly rolled dough. While the glisten of icing reminds me of finger tips made sticky from dipping sugar cookies into a rainbow of the sweet, pastel paste. Take moments to reminisce over your own cookie-filled holiday memories this year, and have fun creating new ones with this delectable set of recipes from a few of our favorite bloggers.

These Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are like crumbly, cakey, cocoa-filled balls of snow. They sure beat childhood memories of eating tongue-numbing hand fulls of the real stuff…An added bonus is that these also happen to be dairy and egg free so you can spread this gift of chocolate goodness far and wide! {from Sweet Potato Chronicles}

These adorable Orange Cacao Goji Balls bites certainly defy conventional holiday cookie tradition in the fact that they require no baking at all. Give your oven a rest and whip these nutrient-packed babies up before dashing out the door to your next holiday soiree. The mix of spicy and fragrant orange zest, rich cacao, and holiday-red gojis is perfect for a festive table spread. {from Figgy & Sprout}

You will literally be able to buy the affection of your family, friends, co-workers, and strangers on the street with these Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies. Bursting with freshly grated ginger, extra dark cocoa and molasses (with the added flair of gorgeous holiday-themed sugar stencils) you’ll bring cheer to even the Grinch-iest of folks. {from White on Rice Couple}

Throw cookie caution to the wind and add these unconventional Pumpkin Sourdough Sandwich Cookies to your baking mix. I love the savory kick the sourdough, cream cheese and pumpkin add. The perfect way to balance out your savory/sweet intake between sips of hot cocoa and licks of candy canes. {from The Chalkboard}

These dainty Pecan, Vanilla Bean, and Rum Shortbread Cookies that look like they were caught out in the snow make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, like huddling close together with friends and family after a day spent sledding. I think they’d go perfectly with a hot mug of cocoa or tea…spiked with rum of course. Aran shared samples at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market last week and we can attest that they are delectable! {from Cannelle et Vanille}

All photos taken by and appear with permission from Aran, Diane and Todd, Maya and Ceri.

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