Holiday Food Gift Recipes


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The Eat Boutique Holiday Market isn’t the only party going on this weekend. Holiday season is in full swing and we need hostess gifts. You’ve got three options: attend the market on Sunday to shop, hit up our online shop full of small batch food gifts, or get to cooking. Lauren rounds up some favorite food gift recipes and shares a bit of eggnog lore. Happy gifting! – Maggie

Growing up in my family, every Christmas meant a few food certainties: shrimp cocktail, roasted almonds and eggnog.  The main dish would change, ham some years, capon others.  But without fail, my grandparents would arrive late in the afternoon and shrimp would be out as appetizers.  Almonds roasted a few days ahead by mom or dad would be on the dessert table in a delicate silver bowl (and gifted to neighbors and family) and no cookie would be consumed without a mug of my mom’s eggnog.

As a kid, all I knew was it was my mom’s eggnog and my cup was doled out of the “kid’s container.”  Even today, I prefer eggnog without booze and so my mom still makes a separate kid’s batch without liquor.  And, as an adult I also found out the eggnog has origins:  the recipe is from a tavern near Williamsburg, Virginia where my grandfather was stationed during World War II.  My grandmother would serve it to friends and family after Christmas Eve church service and my mom has been serving it ever since.  No matter who is hosting Christmas dinner, my mom brings the eggnog.  It is her gift to us.  One of these days, I’ll have to master the recipe myself.

We never gifted plates of cookies, it was either roasted almonds or eggnog for our neighbors and friends.  In the spirit of giving others good food, why not whip up something homemade for people on your gift list this year?  We thought we might inspire you with a few possible food gift recipes from the Eat Boutique archives:

Tropical Toffee {This toffee is sure to be a hit. As would The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook.}

Homemade Caramel Candy {Who doesn’t love a caramel?  Seriously.  Or even better, a whole bag of them.}

Orange Vanilla Simple Syrup {Bottle up this simple syrup for a pretty, simple, tasty gift to drizzle over pancakes, yogurt and biscuits.}

Amaretto {A lovely homemade addition to anyone’s home bar and cocktail spread.}

Ginger Bars {Because they just taste like the holidays.}

Granola {A homemade batch of granola is a perfect hostess gift.  What a lovely way to say, Thank You.}

Hot Cocoa Mix {If America’s Test Kitchen says it’s good, well, we believe them. Oh, and Tara tested it, too.}

Homemade Marshmallows {Dip these in chocolate and then seal them up in a pretty cellophane baggie.}

And, if you run out of time in the kitchen, don’t worry, there are tons of stocking stuffers on

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