The Coffee Trike



If you’re attending the Eat Boutique Holiday Market on Dec. 9 and see me hanging all over The Coffee Trike, you probably should pull me away from the delicious espresso shots. Or you can just cozy on up to the Trike with me. Ariela tells us more about The Coffee Trike. -Maggie

The Coffee Trike. The name makes me think of an adult-sized three wheeler cruising down the road, a drip coffee pot strapped to its handlebars, steam billowing behind as its driver hands mugs o’ joe to passersby well in need of a caffeine fix.

Close…but not quite.

The actual Coffee Trike, a mobile espresso business started by my friend San (short for Alessandro) Bellino is a much more, well, sophisticated venture. And yes, it is, in fact, a tricycle.

I met San when he filled in as guest barista at the Ride Studio Café in Lexington, MA where I spend my days pulling espresso shots and chatting with customers who typically pedal in on two wheels. His warmth, enthusiasm, and charming Australian accent immediately won the affection of all of us.

It was at the café where he told me about his vision for the Coffee Trike while we  bonded over latte art aspirations and worked on the perfect pour of steaming milk.

The Coffee Trike is a straightforward business: to offer simple but high quality  espresso drinks from a mobile cart attached to the front of a bicycle. Essentially, it’s  an environmentally-friendly way to ensure Boston locals can get the best espresso  drinks possible while on the go, all prepared using local ingredients.

The Trike, custom built in Europe, is a beauty!

The cart itself is a glistening mahogany brown, smooth and sleek, ice chest-sized,  balanced on a pedestal supported by two large black-fendered wheels. A black  awning on four brass poles will protect the valuable espresso equipment and freshly brewed beverages. San himself sits poised at the rear of the Trike, balanced on the third wheel like a unicyclist on a tight rope, hands situated on the cart’s rear handle as his legs pedal the Trike to “a sidewalk near you,” according to his website.

Until the man and his Trike ride by your corner, however, find him at the upcoming  Eat Boutique Holiday Market, where he’d be happy to brew you  an espresso using locally roasted coffee from Acton, Massachusetts-based George  Howell Coffee Company.

The Coffee Trike menu is no frills but spot on, with options for skim and soy, leaving  no on-the-go coffee chaser behind. Plus, you can opt to warm up with hot chocolate, instead.

And, I’ve already checked with San: he’s more than happy to prepare a long black or flat white for a fellow Aussie or anyone hankering for a taste from Down Under.

To get updates on the Coffee Trike’s kick-off and future locations, visit the website,  Facebook, or Twitter pages.

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