What We’re Loving: Clambake Inspired Dishes



A New England Clambake is so very summer: backyard (or beach!), bibs, beer and a crowd.  The traditional menu typically stars lobster (plus melted butter!), with clam chowder, mussels and clams, a hunk of corn on the cob, potatoes and maybe some coleslaw on the side.  After devouring said clambake a few weeks ago and licking the remaining butter from my fingers, I got to thinking about each component…with a twist. When an entire bake is just too much, what about a new take on each delicious part? Thanks to some of our favorite food blogs for the inspiration and recipes:

Lobster and butter tend to be the stars of the show.  This recipe for a Connecticut Style Lobster Roll  stays true to that winning formula, but on a roll. {from bell’alimento}

Grilling clams and mussels screams “seaside summer” in my mind.  But honestly, I’ve never done it myself.  Thanks to this How to Grill Clams guide, now I can get started. My husband will be so impressed! {from Recipe Girl}

As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no reason not to dress up sweet corn with butter and cheese.  Maggie told us how a few years ago with this Corn with Basil Feta Butter recipe that has surely not gone out of style. {from Eat Boutique archives}

Yes, New England is famous for its clam chowder, but what about a different summer soup that still honors the coastline? This Simple Fish Stew appears to do the trick. {from The Stone Soup}

I can’t say I’m a coleslaw expert.  I like a good slaw for tacos, but can usually take or leave the slaw that comes packaged with a takeout lobster dinner.  There is no way I would turn down this Pasilla Chile and Lime Cabbage Slaw. {from Sprouted Kitchen}

Boiled potatoes at the clambake are a staple, but these Sun Dried Potato Chips  would pair nicely with a lobster roll or pack up just as easily for a summer picnic. {from eCurry}

There is always room for dessert, for me at least.  Add this Sour Cream Cherry Cake  to finish your next clambake, take it to your next picnic or make it at home just because cherries are so delicious this time of year and this rustic cake has fresh fruit in between each layer. {from Boulder Locavore}

All photos taken by and appear with permission from Sara Morris, Lori Lange and Maggie.

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