What We’re Loving: Icy Treats


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A big thanks to contributor Erin Nichols for her guest post on this week’s What We’re Loving.  We love to share recipes that include cool treats,  Strawberries and Balsamic over Vanilla Ice Cream  or the Classic Ice Cream Sandwich  are a couple recent favorites, but welcome Erin’s expert opinion and can’t wait to freeze some of her delicious new finds from favorite food bloggers. – Lauren

Growing up, my popsicle tastes were pretty basic and essentially involved the “purple” ones. To those of you not in the know, that means I only ate grape flavored things on sticks. To that end, it’s rather amusing to me that as a grown-up, I created a book consisting entirely of boozy popsicles. The cookbook is called  Poptails: 60 Boozy Treats Served on a Stick, and I solemnly promise that there are multiple colors and flavors included, not just pretty pretty princess ones.

These days popsicles have evolved from the seriously simple to the amazingly elegant, as the following recipes from some very creative bloggers illustrate. We dare you to keep yourself from running to the cupboard for your star-shaped and rocket pop molds before you finish scrolling down the page. Hopefully your freezer has enough room to accommodate all of your upcoming projects!

Yadsia’s Coconut Milk and Honey Pops may have been made to combat the sweltering heat in her Puerto Rico home but we still think her mention of “coconuts falling on your head at the beach” sounds like something we might enjoy — at least the first few times. Especially if we get to self-medicate with one of these creamy and decadent desserts. {from Shop Cook Make}

The Honey Lavender Popsicles created by Joy Zhang are lightened-up versions of an ice cream recipe that replaced quite a bit of sugar and fatty cream with sweet honey and just a touch of condensed milk. The lavender also adds an additional benefit of being a known stress reliever. So put up your feet and dig in to these guilt-free beauties. {from Joylicious}

When it’s hot, hot, hot,  Theresa of Craving Chronicles likes to cool down with icy foods. These elegantly hued  Peach and Vanilla Cream Pops she’s gorgeously photographed will surely warrant an immediate trip to the farmers market for freshly picked fruit so you can experience their creamsicle-like qualities for yourself. {from Craving Chronicles}

Biscoff is on my “no way” list. By that I mean that I can’t buy it without eating the entire jar in an embarrassingly short period of time. Thankfully,  Jamieanne has portioned out a proper amount for us to enjoy with her  Chocolate and Biscoff Stripped Popsicles. {from Sweetest Kitchen}

Carrot Cake and Almond Butter Popsicles sound too good to be true, but fortunately for us, Katie has made our dream a reality. While these treats may sound sinful, this blogger has actually concocted a mixture of fresh pureed carrots, coconut milk, almond butter and spices into a fetching frozen dish that is definitely not to be missed. {from Katie Did}

Lemon Buttermilk Popsicles were just what Nicole, of Pinch My Salt was craving. This mixture of tart, creamy, and sweet ingredients sounds ever so intriguing, and who can resist the allure of buttermilk? Plus, just imagine the reactions you’ll get from your fellow pop tasters when you reveal the secret ingredient. {from Pinch My Salt}

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All photos taken by and appear with permission from Theresa, Yadsia, Katie, Jamieanne, and Nicole.

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