National Stationery Show 2012, New York City



Growing a small business is tough business.

Between fulfilling client orders, tasting small batch food practically daily, and planning our classes and local markets, there isn’t much time left in the day to write a blog post, let alone attend a big trade show in New York City. But as we hone our gift box line and introduce new products it’s so important to me to add in complementary items that help the food shine. Complementary items like… pretty paper!

Last week, I attended the National Stationery Show in New York City and, in just a few short hours, mingled with several amazing greeting card creators. The entire show was very impressive and I bopped from booth to booth, falling a little bit more in love with each line.

Bright colors and neon were the stars and I am more than happy to  Shout  from the highest mountaintop that neon is way cool again. Sure, it reminded me of my not-so-fun 80s youth when black and neon rubber bangles wrapped my wrists, and I could never  Relax (Don’t Do It)  but I’m over it now (sort of) and the return of neon is a beautiful way to freshen up craft paper.

Typography was also everywhere, curvy and exaggerated and as gorgeous as ever. I’m a sucker for beautifully designed words on paper and I’m pretty sure that several of these cards will end up in our Eat Boutique gift box line. Only if you like them, oui?

So, do any of these cards sing to you? How do you feel about neon? Which would YOU like to see in a gift box of small batch food? Got a favorite 80s song? Answer any and all of these questions in the comments — thank you!

All photos taken by Maggie Battista.

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