Rose Bakery, Paris



One day, sometime in the not too far off future, I will have a little spot where you can grab a bite or a sip of something sweet, sour, savory or potent. The not too far off future may be 10 years from now, but a lady can dream, so bear with me.

My little snack shack will not look exactly like Rose Bakery in Paris, France, but it will operate in the same vein and honor, the same spirit behind this idyllic bakery. Everything will be made by hand or locally, and the tough to find items will be sourced by my favorite food purveyors.

The menu will only feature items I adore like tiny pizzettes assembled with just enough house-made mozzarella and my own herbs. The wines will be favorites, with much reverence given to special vineyards with small production. The espresso will be amazing or else I’d face the wrath of my not-forgotten Italian ancestors. And the cakes and dessert-like treats will be sweet like a light fresh honey.

Rose Bakery, with two locations in the 3rd and the 9th arrondissements respectively, delights me in the way that I hope my someday restaurant may for others. It’s not at all traditionally French but it exhibits a respect for tradition and quality that most Parisians can appreciate. On my last trip to Paris, I must have visited three times over three weeks. I always do. It’s just that good.

Heidi Murphy was in Paris this time around and took photos that definitely resonate with charm, homegrown spirit and care. You can read more about Rose Bakery and other favorite dining spots in our Paris Mini-Guide: Eat Boutique in Paris.

All photos taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Style.

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