Eat Boutique Mother’s Day Gift Box


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I’m supposed to be writing this blog post on our new Mother’s Day gift box, but I’m having trouble focusing.  I want to write, but I can’t quite stop digging my spoon into my open jar of Rare Bird Meyer lemon curd.  Seriously, Maggie. Put the spoon down.  Don’t. Use. Fingers.

There’s tasting, which I do quite a lot of in Eat Boutique land, and then there’s just doing what I’m doing: embarrassingly scraping the jar clean. It’s that good and no one else is here to catch me in the act!

If you were hoping for a glimpse of Mom up to similar antics, you’re in luck.

Thankfully for your Mother, we included this jar in the special selection assembled for our Mother’s Day gift box. Besides Meyer lemon curd, this gift overflows with maple-kissed crackers hand-cracked in Vermont, a milk chocolate bar studded with toasted hazelnuts, a cardamom-spiced quick bread and fresh batch of Douglas fir spring tip tea, herbal and refreshing.

Quite simply, this gift box is the perfect food-filled love letter to the woman who deserves a bit of gratitude on May 13. We’ll write a sweet message on your behalf and ship this box anywhere in the U.S.A.

And, just because we tend to be a fan of early birds, we’re offering a 10% discount on all single orders placed by midnight tonight, April 25. Use coupon code “mom10” at check out. And tell Mom to get that spoon ready.

Thank you!

The lead photo was photographed by Maggie Battista. The second photo was photographed by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Style.

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