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Isn’t it great when you stumble upon a restaurant that is intimate and tasty and you just want to keep it to yourself — an unspoiled treasure?   But at the same time, it’s so good you can’t help but send everyone you know that way.   We’re glad Josephine chose to spill the beans… for the next time you visit Hong Kong.   – Maggie

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong’s cultural hub and a foodie’s fantasy, is home to one of my favorite little hideaways — an intimate and stylish eatery called Heirloom.   Co-founders and international chefs Ashton Winkler and Vivian Herijanto strike a balance between sweet and spice that make Heirloom a must-eat on your next trip to Hong Kong.

While exploring Sheung Wan over the last month, I was treated to a selection of dishes from the Heirloom menu.   For me, the most distinctive offering was the Hibiscus and Black Bean taco, a contrast of the tropical and earthy taste of the flower with spice from the mashed beans.   Traditional favorites including the Fish Taco and Street Corn, a simple barbecued corn cob with crumbled cheese seasoning, also hit the spot.

The unique menu reflects the culinary flavors from Winkler and Herijanto’s Mexican and Indonesian heritage.   Inspired by treasured heirlooms passed down by earlier generations, the menu celebrates traditional recipes with a personal twist.

It was a real treat to share S’mores with Winkler during my visit.   Heirloom’s version of the classic American, gooey sweet sandwiched a roasted marshmallow and some dark chocolate chips between homemade cookies.   It made me feel like a kid again.

The retro-loving co-owners established a comfortable space, peppered with hand woven rugs and eclectic décor, to create a communal venue where the enjoyment of eating food would be savored. Made from organic, sustainable produce, the eatery serves dignified comfort foods that satisfy all kinds of cravings. A wine bar by night, the vibrant venue offers a long list of adventurous cocktails inspired by friends and tastes from around the world

The eatery boasts that it serves “Food We Like to Eat” and after my visit, I totally agree.

All photos styled and photographed by Josephine Rozman.

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