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** This giveaway has now ended and a winner has been contacted. We’ll post the winner’s name the moment we hear from them! **

Oh my, all of a sudden, it’s almost April and Easter is just two… weeks… away! How did three months of 2012 evaporate in what felt like three moments? I suppose traveling does push time forward just a wee bit faster.

Finally, I’m quite happily settled back in New England after trips to Brooklyn, New York; my hometown in New Jersey; Paris, France; and Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m ready for Spring, eager to create dishes with the very first produce of the season, and excited for all the sunny goodness that April brings forth, including Easter.

Having spent time in the town and the house of my childhood recently, I remember Easter. We lived in a snug house so my sister and I shared bunk beds in a tiny room. I recall greeting Easter morning with baskets filled with all sorts of chocolates, marshmallows, jellybeans and more. The baskets were left on the end of our beds just by our feet so we made sure to toss and turn just a little less so when it came to Easter morning; we didn’t want to kick anything off into some tight nook in our room, never to be found again. We wanted to savor every last chocolate egg.

While I recall all those sickly sweet items fondly, I wouldn’t dare eat some of that processed candy these days (except perhaps for peeps because everyone loves a peep, right?!) This Easter, we’ve culled together some favorite treats made with amazing chocolate, all natural sugars and, of course, by hand.

What’s inside our Happy Easter gift box? The Salty Road taffy is hand-pulled in Brooklyn and flavored with a gentle bergamot flavor – it’s our favorite citrus flavor. The Brooklyn hard candy is pineapple-flavored, quite bright and is in the sweetest little jar. There are several nutty items inside this box, including chocolate covered hazelnuts from Taza in Somerville, Massachusetts; a chocolate & hazelnut candy bar from Rechiutti in San Francisco, California and cayenne mango nuts from Q’s in Somerville. We just love the rosemary brittle from P.o.p. Candy in Culver City, California and we’ve yet to taste a better candied orange rind. The ones in this gift box from Sqirl in Los Angeles, California are dipped in a fennel syrup during the candying process, so they’re sweet but also quite natural in taste.

To get into the holiday spirit and, frankly, the spring spirit, we’re giving away a Happy Easter gift box. We want to know about the favorite candy from your childhood. Perhaps you received it each Easter, or perhaps you bought it yourself at your local five-and-dime when you were young. Either way, tell us your favorite candy and enter to win this gift box. If you win, you’ll get the option to hoard these goodies for yourself or send them to the recipient of your choice, in the United States only.

** This giveaway has now ended and a winner has been contacted. We’ll post the winner’s name the moment we hear from them! **

There are three ways to enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post answering this question: What was favorite candy as a kid?

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All entries must be made by Saturday, March 31, 2011 at 11:59pm, and a winner will be chosen and notified on April 1, 2011. Good luck!

Can’t wait for the giveaway? We’re selling this Happy Easter gift box right now. Send this box of handmade candy to your recipient now or in time for Easter, which is April 8, which is very soon!

All photos styled and photographed by Maggie Battista.

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78 responses to “Happy Easter Gift Box {giveaway}

  1. I had a few favorite childhood candies — especially around Easter! We used to get these great chocolate eggs — maybe six inches tall. They were hollow and always had a little gift inside. Of course, dark chocolate rabbits were also fabulous! I loved those Cadbury Creme Eggs as a kid, but these days the very thought of them makes my teeth hurt!

  2. I loved Butterfingers. A love passed down from my dad.  At any candy holiday, these were the most coveted of candies. Of course, they mysteriously disappeared before we could eat too many.  It didn’t matter where you hid them; Gone!  It was only years later that I learned that Dad, normally a paragon of virtue, could not resist the call of the Butterfinger and stole them from our easter baskets and halloween treat bags and best of hiding places.

  3. I have to pick one?!!! Have been a lifelong fan of snickers. As a kid I really fancied tootsie rolls and three musketeers. Of course for Easter nothing beats a bunch of jelly beans in your basket.

  4. My favorite candy was and still is peanut MnM’s!  Beloved by my whole family.  When I was born and my dad came home to tell my sister she had a surprise that day she thought  she was getting a bag of peanut MnM’s.  She expressed her disappointment.

  5. i really loved the caramels with the white in the middle! Yum! Thanks for the chance!

  6. My favorite kid Easter candy was Cadbury cream eggs, of course. Non-easter candy: Take5!

  7. That is a seriously difficult question to answer and an interesting walk down the candy memory aisle: a toss-up between candy necklaces/bracelets, Lollies, or Zotz. Fruit Stripe gum seemed fruity and exotic.

    Now, I love chocolate.

  8. I always knew there would be a Cadbury cream egg in my basket and still to this day, it’s my favorite Easter candy. My mum buys one for my sister and I still every year!

  9. This question is easy.  White chocolate bunny ( now I know it really wasn’t chocolate at all).  Back in the day you only saw it around Easter and i could not wait for it!!!!!!!!!    

  10. My favorite candy were hard candies made with sesame seeds that my mother bought at health food stores. Today they can be found (in packs of several flat pieces) at Polish groceries in Chicago. I don’t know the name.

  11. My favorite candy from childhood were the hard Strawberry candies with the surprise liquid center. They had the cutest strawberry image wrapper too. Thanks for this giveaway! I love reading your blog and all your gift boxes!

  12. My favorite “candy” was homemade – oats and brown sugar with corn syrup and vanilla. Baked till bubbly and topped with chocolate chips that would melt and create this wonderful layer of creamy semisweet contrasting the sweet oat bottom layer. Love it so much I just made last week! But a good old fashion chocolate bunny at easter, broken to bits and eaten with peanut butter was always a nice way to finish the Eater week!

  13. My favorite candy was the Reese cup.  It’s still a favorite, but I have too many other loves (especially of the dark chocolate variety!) to place it at the top of the list.

  14. My favorite was an “egg carton” that was filled with chocolate covered marshmallow “eggs”. 

  15. I think my favorite candy as a kid was Crunch bars.  That choice evolved, of course, but especially around this time of year I always want the Easter Crunch eggs.  The chocolate is cheap and the treat itself unspectacular, but I always get a taste for it.  

  16. My favorite candy was the kind my Grandpa (we called him “Poppy”) always had in the storage compartment in the  armrest of his car.  He’d pull it out when we were kids, and give us some en route to wherever he’d happen to be nicely taking us to during the day.  We didn’t live to close by, so I always remember that of all the years I knew him, it was something you could count on.  He’d pull out his container of what he called “Hard Tack” and let you pick out whatever you wanted.  It always made the car rides feel shorter, and we loved going through the mix of hard candies in all different shapes and sizes.  To this day, when I see some in the store it always makes me think of him.  

  17. My grandparents always had a jar of little cinnamon red hots in the fridge. Just another of the wonderful memories of their place!

  18. Chocolate-covered marshmallows (in bunny form around Easter, of course). What a delightful gift box!

  19. I loved getting salt water taffy at the coast and I also loved reece’s peanut butter cups.

  20. I was told that my favorite candy when I was young was jellybeans. I used to sit in my highchair, according to family lore, and refuse to eat my breakfast, demaning jellybeans instead. I was told that my father would rush out to the store to buy some for me! This earned me the name “jellybeans-for-breakfast”, which I maintained until I was big enough for school, and at that point my nickname changed to “Candy” instead. 

  21. My favorite candy was M n Ms or Hershey bars.
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail (dot) com

  22. My favorite candy bar was Baby Ruth… Hasn’t changed since. 🙂 Love this, thank you!

  23. My favorite candy bar was Baby Ruth. Hasn’t changed since. 🙂 Thank you for this!

  24. My favorite childhood candy were English buttons…. not the American sugar type but the milk chocolate Cadbury type.  Yum!

  25. So many favorite candies from my youth…. Hard to pick one! But if I had to it’d be Lemonheads. Heck, I still love them now! And Red Vines licorice, red or black 🙂

  26. My favorite candy when I was a kid…& occasionally as an adult as well is red licorice.

  27. Oh, definitely cinnamon hearts – the ones made by Purdy’s, a Canadian chocolatier, for Valentine’s day!

  28. Mine was a fridge cold mars bar sliced up then scoffed at an alarming speed.  Heaven…

  29. Oh, candy. I would say my favorite growing up was Skittles. Such great flavors, before I knew anything about HFCS. 😉

  30. My favorite candy was laffy taffy.  Or anything sour and gummy!!!!  Thanks for the giveaway

  31. My favorite as a kid was marshmellow pies (not really pies)……………wish I could find one now!!!

  32. it has to be a good old fashioned white chocolate bunny – preferably with the green grass from my easter basket stuck to it. ahhhh memories!!

  33. My favorite candy was M&Ms.  Boring, but true!  Being a Jew on Easter was always a treat, though…my friends disliked Cadbury Creme eggs but always got them in their Easter baskets and would give them all to me!  I felt like I scored BIG TIME!  : )

  34. The candy I used to look forward to on Easter was a white  chocolate rabbit.   On a normal day I’d always want a bag of licorice from one of the carts in the old Haymarket.

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