Eat Boutique Editorial Planning



Do your meeting agendas typically include time set aside for gossip, socializing, and afternoon tea featuring espresso and clementine panna cotta? Mine don’t either, unless, of course, I’m at Eat Boutique headquarters for a full day of editorial planning.

Maggie and I started these planning sessions slowly, months and months ago. Over glasses of wine in Boston or Cambridge, we would excitedly blurt out ideas for Eat Boutique, scribbling them down on napkins before we forgot them, which is easy to do when you jump from topic to topic in a stream of consciousness blur.

Realizing that we were a great editorial planning team, we began to get a bit more organized, planning ahead for these marathon sessions by putting aside entire weekend afternoons and bringing in edible reinforcements. But it still wasn’t enough. So earlier this month we planned to spend the majority of a Saturday together, thinking about the first few months of 2012 for Eat Boutique.

Armed with an enormous chalkboard, lots of colorful chalk, coffee, and tea, we set about draining out brains and planning out the Eat Boutique editorial schedule through April. We thought our readers and friends might get a kick of seeing a few images from that day, and perhaps you might be interested in getting a tiny glimpse behind the Eat Boutique curtain. As always, if there is something YOU want to see here, we want to hear from you!

All photos taken by Maggie Battista.

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