Sparkling Cocktail: Violet Ombre



We’re in the midst of one of my favorite weeks of the year! The anxiety of Christmas has passed and the peaceful days leading up to the new year are just plain lovely and party-filled. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, perhaps because we’ve bid adieu to family, and my afternoons are filled with long spells in the kitchen and brief naps that rev me up for late nights.

Waiting for the new year to kick in, I’m also just hanging out in the in-between time, not quite ready to start that annual ‘lifestyle change’ but also still in a bit of a food and booze coma. It’s precisely at this time that I skip the heavy liquors in favor of light sparkling cocktails, bubbly and celebratory and touched by some of my favorite flavors.

This first cocktail of my favorite week got its name at the very moment I set it up for my dear friend, Heidi. After fiddling with the pine around the glass, a sprig of pine that’s held in place with a simple double knot of twine, I poured the Cava on top of the Creme de Violette and the ombre hue set in. Fashion and booze collided perfectly.

Made from violet flowers in the Alps, Creme de Violette was introduced to me a few years back by a French friend. It’s a fairly strong cordial that looks like it may be cough syrup revisited but is, in fact, crafted to taste floral and sweet. My French friend likes to sip it on its own. I prefer to place just a bit in the bottom of a flute and pour on the bubbles.

Over the course of the week, we’ll share a bunch of sparkling cocktails. This one is the easiest, just two ingredients poured into the same glass. A bottle of Creme de Violette retails for around $20, the Cava was less than that, and the pine, well, that was foraged from my back yard. Cheers!

Violet Ombre


  • 1 tablespoon Creme de Violette
  • 4 ounces chilled sparkling wine like a Cava or Prosecco


  1. Pour the Creme de Violette into a tall flute.
  2. Slowly and gently, pour in the sparkling wine and serve.
All photos styled by Maggie Battista and Heidi Murphy and photographed by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Style.

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