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I am deep in holiday planning mode at Eat Boutique and we’ve got boxes stacked everywhere. (That’s our new Holiday Breakfast Gift Box pictured above.) At the end of today though, I’ll start baking, prepping, decorating and, let’s not kid each other, drinking for Thanksgiving. My menu is highly collaborative this year, just the way I like it.

First, I’m preparing a smoked turkey. We prefer smoking it in a smoker; the technique makes the bird flavorful and moist enough, and leaves my oven free for all the sides and desserts. I’m making a pretty simple stuffing because sometimes all the extras take away from the purity that is childhood stuffing or so I have been reminded. (Know your audience, people, and my audience doesn’t need all the fancy stuff in their stuffing.) Still, my audience will have to deal with this lovely nut tart that I plan to make because I like fancy stuff sometimes. (I may even put a little jam on top, that’s Our Favorite Jams Gift Box below.)

The best part of the rest of the meal is I’m not cooking much of it. My aunt brings corn pudding. My cousin brings a sweet potato dish. My sister is making a Brussels sprouts recipe. The entire table is just magically dotted with platters and casserole dishes that didn’t come from my oven. I sort of love it.

For dessert, I’m making my now legendary molasses cookies. And I thank everyone for their contributions with a sparkling Fall cocktail and a big antipasti spread the moment they walk in the door. This year, I’m lining the table with brown butcher paper and just piling on my rosemary cayenne nuts, fresh mozzarella with my tomato basil jam, this Fig and Blue Cheese Tart, and heaps of sliced cured meats from my local Italian butcher. It’s my way of incorporating a little Italian into an otherwise very New England feast.

Thoughts of the real holidays hit us all as soon as the turkey hits our plates, and definitely resonate when we devour the pecan clusters pictured above at the end of our meal. (That’s our Homemade for the Holidays Gift Box above.) Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are right around the corner. While my family enjoys the long weekend at my house, I’ll have to sneak into the Eat Boutique office now and again to check on your holiday orders and get the next batch of boxes out the door.

As I write, I realize that I haven’t shared photos of our new gift boxes of handmade food and I’m just so pleased to have spent an entire day with Heidi shooting them a couple weeks back. Instead of craft paper, we’re using red paper and we’re pleased to sprinkle a little red crinkle cut paper on top, like fairy dust, just before we pack and ship each gift.

For those of you who continue to love to send just treats from New England, we decided to keep that box around. (Our New England Holiday Gift Box is pictured below.) As soon as Thanksgiving is over, we’ll get back into the office to ship off your orders. We’d appreciate if you ordered early as we’ve done limited runs on all of these boxes; we’ll be happy to take your order now and ship later in December, just email us to let us know that.

After Thanksgiving, we’ll launch a few more gift boxes, including one filled with marshmallows, another filled with just our favorite granola and a cocktails box, because life isn’t complete without cocktails. You can see a preview at the end of this post. Until then, we wish you a wonderful turkey day!

All photos styled by Maggie Battista + Heidi Murphy, and shot by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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