Goodbye Summer: An Open Letter to the Season



Dear Summer:

Hello, my darling! I suppose we’re parting ways in just a week or so, and I feel I owe you a thank you. You were so easy on me this year and despite some of my regrets, you truly made life a breeze.


I spent several weekends out of town soaking up your beautiful sunny days and you just shone and shone down on my garden, which I barely weeded. You really made it so I could just toss some plants and seeds into the soil, water daily, and just walk away. You made it so warm and cozy and bright; my beets and tomatoes and eggplant and peppers couldn’t help but blossom. And, really, you should see my Brussels sprout stalks. Well, you probably have. I’ve never grown them before and will do it every year now, thanks to you.


I barely cooked, really, like, never.   You made every meal a simple assembly process. With a snip snip from the tomato vines or a pluck off a pepper plant, my breakfast, lunch and dinner practically materialized in front of my eyes, like summer magic. Sea salt, black pepper and olive oil were my best friends. The hardest work I did was chop up onions, chives, jalapenos and tomatoes for a fresh salsa that decorated practically every morning fried egg.


This last month of you has been tough, but in the best possible way. Everything looks too beautiful and I can’t harvest and preserve it all fast enough. I’ve put away 10+ pints of all varieties of basil and arugula pesto on top of pickled beans and carrots, infused cordials, and all sorts of tomato, peach, blueberry and fig preserves. My herbs are drying all around my kitchen, and because you made my herbs go wild this year, filling up almost an entire 8′ by 4′ bed, I’m sure to have my own dried organic herbs well into 2012. My Winter stews will thank you too.

I’ll miss you, Summer, but we all know the truth about us: we’re not meant for each other long-term. I have always been best-friends-forever with Fall. I purposefully plan my favorite things – like spa days, trips to New York City and very special food events – in the Fall and as we prepare to part ways, I’m dreaming about apples, pumpkins, thick soups and hearty roasts.

But, sweet Summer, I’m in the mood for one last trip down memory lane with a few photos. And I’ll be sharing some great food gift ideas that you inspired soon. As well, I’ll expect you to keep shining on some lucky soul who will win a sweet “handmade” giveaway before September draws to a close.

See you, darling,


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