Maggie’s Summer Regrets and Remedies



It’s August 18th and I have yet to go to the beach this summer. I believe that’s a serious mistake because, guess what? My garden tomatoes are exploding on the vines and summer is over in about four weeks and, sadly, I can already smell Fall in the air. I love Fall, so I’m not that sad, but I’ve already got a few regrets (and remedies!) for the summer of 2011.

Regret #1:

I never did hit the beach. My garden and pots are all overgrown and it isn’t because I’ve been sunning myself on the sand. But instead of continuing to complain – because that’s no fun – I am booking a September weekend in Maine to celebrate my wedding anniversary. I also bought a flight to Bermuda for October. Until then, I’m breaking into our stash of fresh taffy that’s in our summer seashore gift box. We’ve all got to squeeze some beach in before the snow starts falling. (We’re offering free shipping on our gift boxes for the rest of August – whoopee! – just enter coupon code: BEACH)

Regret #2:

I didn’t eat my weight in berries. And, darn it, I always miss berries, especially at the holidays when the colors just work so well with holiday decor. I settle for cranberries, but I miss local raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. I did manage to make a cool strawberry buttermilk cake this summer when I wrote a guest post for Love & Olive Oil and I made a few currant cordials I’m dying to taste. But I’m itching for the Maine blueberries Shelby is bringing me on the weekend. I have a blueberry bread pudding to make stat.

Regret #3:

I didn’t see all my friends. Summer is about slowing down and, for me, reconnecting with folks I have no time to visit with throughout the year. I didn’t host a grilled pizza party, barbecue marinated good things over open flames, and munch on sun gold tomatoes plucked from a vine along with cocktails and friends. Ugh, I just skipped over all of that. I promise to make it up to all of you and me. I’m hosting the first Eat Boutique Local Market on Saturday, September 24. I’ve gathered all of my favorite food makers, a boutique wine shop and a cookbook author or two, at my favorite eco-friendly furniture and design shop, Twelve Chairs. From 1-5pm, you’ll get the chance to meet the people behind the food, taste their food and, the best part, buy delights to take home with you, if they make it that far. Be the first in line by subscribing to our Local Market mailing list.

Summer is almost over, but I’m committed to soaking in every ray of sunlight and each overripe, plump tomato. How are you enjoying all these last moments?

As I mentioned, we’re offering free shipping on our gift boxes for the rest of August – whoopee! – just enter coupon code: BEACH

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