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Gilt Taste and Eat Boutique

I was going to start this post a very different way. Here’s what I was going to post:

“I am practicing the art of stopping. I go go go and now I find time to stop…

Stop to pick chives in my garden
Stop to eat a full breakfast
Stop to enjoy the taste of black coffee (decaf) every morning
Stop to make chive pesto be hand, not by food processor
Stop to drink better wine and just one glass or two
Stop to wash and dry the local salad leaves

And stop to celebrate the little things. And for me, the little things are big things. I want to take this one day to celebrate something that’s quite a big thing for Eat Boutique.”

But then, while picking up some take out sushi last night, our little news broke on Twitter and I struggled to see it all on my little iPhone screen. In about 45 seconds, I grabbed my sushi, drove home, running through a red light (I did not stop!) and finally got in front of a computer to see the launch of what will become a new favorite site.

After several years of writing about food and selling gift boxes of handmade food, someone took notice. (You *always* took notice, so thank you. I owe this to you really.) A big company also took notice and now our crafty and modern gift boxes are being featured on the new Gilt Taste site which just launched late last night.

To say we’re thrilled and honored is, well, true, but also such an understatement. We’re in awe and are going to just stop and celebrate today. And I promise, no more red lights.

Gilt Taste and Eat Boutique

Gilt Taste and Eat Boutique

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