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Meyer Lemon Liquor - Cordials, Booze, Eat Boutique

It was a tough weekend at Eat Boutique headquarters. Several of us spent Sunday cooking, eating and drinking. You know, really tough work.

We bulked up on roasted lamb that had been marinating in mint, oregano, lemon and garlic over night, and a pea and spring onion risotto. I seem to recall all of us chowing down on two full balls of homemade burrata from Maplebrook Farm in Vermont, dressed with greens, strawberries and a bit of balsamic, and really, we couldn’t get enough of the stuff. All the eating was in preparation for some tough, fun work. The early spring goodies for our seasonal gift box had arrived and we spent the day packing, chatting and chatting some more. Did I mention eating?

I personally love gift box assembly day. Every three to four weeks, I gather some friends to pack up all this handmade food in a pretty craft box filled with crinkle cut paper, soft tissue paper and hand-tied gift message cards. We pack and stack and start again, until each delicious item is snug. The gift boxes are finally ready for your spring, Easter and Mom’s day celebrations – and the lovely thing is, we’ve been shipping them all week! (So really, thank you so much for your orders. We really appreciate it.)

After a fun day of eating and packing, we settled in for dessert, practically devouring Shelby’s Earl Grey Chocolate Tea Cake, and a much-anticipated cordial tasting. Remember that Meyer Lemon Liquor recipe and giveaway I shared in February? About six weeks had passed and I had prepped and sweetened each bottle for a quick sip. Or ten. I wasn’t counting really.

Meyer Lemon Liquor - Cordials, Booze, Eat Boutique

Just to recap, nearly 5o of you posted a comment on that post in February. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on which flavor combination would reign supreme. Meyer lemon really worked well with all three flavors – lavender, cardamom and thyme. Back then, however, your votes went this way: Lavender got 12 votes, thyme got 16 votes and cardamom brought up the rear with 7 votes. After a four-person tasting this past weekend and a fifth fairly impartial photographer (Thanks for these beautiful photos, Cole!), the near-landslide winner was…


The hold out (I’m looking at you, Christine!) really preferred the cardamom, but it was frankly just too mild for most of us in the room. If you make the Meyer lemon-cardamom combo at some point, definitely up the amount of cardamom from the recipe. Though the thyme was YOUR first pick, we found it to be a little too woodsy, grass-like and almost muddy. I’m thinking I may have used a bit too much thyme.

So there it is. It’s lavender all the way and I’m already dreaming up some spring/summer cocktails for this fabulous liquor. I even made a Meyer lemon zest sugar with which to rim my cocktail glasses. I’ll share that recipe soon. ‘Til then, we need to pick a winner!

{Drum roll please…}

The winner of this giveaway, the person who will receive a little handmade gift from chez moi is: Carissa Howell! Carissa, you have 48 hours to respond to my email to you, or we pick a new winner. Thanks to everyone for participating, and I do hope you consider making some of your own at home.

A big thank you also to the spring gift box crew: Shelby, Lise, Christine and Cole.

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Meyer Lemon Cordial - Liquor, Booze, Eat Boutique

Meyer Lemon Cordial - Liquor, Booze, Eat Boutique

Meyer Lemon Cordial - Liquor, Booze, Eat Boutique

All photos were taken by Cole Denver Peterson. You can see all of his wonderful work at Cole Denver Designs.

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