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Food Heroes, Georgia Pellegrini & Eat Boutique

This giveaway has now closed and three winners were chosen. Everyone’s stories were wonderful, and we chose these three winners: Stephanie R., Michael and Jill.

Growing up in northern New Jersey with an Italian Father and a Honduran Mother, I definitely got to experience the best of two food worlds, and then some. On Sunday morning, I’d visit Honduras with one plate piled with black beans, pan-fried sweet plantains, and orange-tinted rice. By dinner time, I’d travel to Naples for homespun dishes all served on cheap china that clicked and clacked as we nudged ricotta raviolis, three-meat meatballs and anise cookies across the table.

This mishmash of food cultures taught me not stress too much about mixing different foods from different countries or even different continents. And as I watched both of my grandmothers go through tedious steps to remember the food from their homeland, Margaret and Zoila – two of my biggest food heroes – infused a deep respect for tradition in me. They always made food from scratch. Perhaps that’s why I started Eat Boutique, to remember their handmade food as I recognize the handmade food of others.

Eat Boutique & Food Heroes, Georgia Pellegrini

Fast forward to 2010 and a virtual meeting with Georgia Pellegrini. She made things from scratch. I made things from scratch. She was deeply vested in her roots. I was too. She loves her grandma’s recipes and I am consistently trying to recreate the recipes of both of mine. I kind of fell for her (hard) on our first tweet. (You will too after this giveaway…)

Georgia is all about handmade food, and has featured some pretty stellar recipes lately. I have to try her Duck Confit soon. As I made bunches of pates this past holiday season, her easy Liver Mousse has not escaped my gaze. And if you’re so inclined, you should spread that mousse all over little toasted bits of her Homemade English Muffins. (She’s done Thomas proud!)

Eat Boutique & Food Heroes, Georgia Pellegrini

Last year, Georgia released her first book, Food Heroes, that captures the stories and, well, the legends behind 16 food artisans. The book sits on my beside table and I read a chapter a month, taking it all in slowly, wishing to make it last forever. We’re totally honored, elated and grateful that Georgia has decided to give away not one, not two, but three books to Eat Boutique readers. You’re so lucky!

To win one of these wonderful books, your task is très easy. Leave a comment at the end of this post telling us about your food hero! We want to know who it is, their recipe you may treasure, and the impact they made or make on your life today. Your food hero may be the lunch lady from your elementary school or perhaps a big celebrity chef – either is totally cool. We’ll reward three of you with one of Georgia’s books.

So go ahead and leave a comment on your food hero fast. Super fast… because we’re choosing three winners by next Wednesday, February 9, 2011. Do it now, before we stick these guys on you! In all seriousness, these guys are wonderful and you’ll read all about them when you win the book! So what are you waiting for…?!

All of these lovely photos appear courtesy of Georgia Pellegrini.

This giveaway has now closed and three winners were chosen.

Eat Boutique & Food Heroes, Georgia Pellegrini

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