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The moment the Thanksgiving dinner starts, I’m so not there. Seriously, once those delicious dishes are served, Thanksgiving becomes so five minutes ago and I’m all about Christmas. As I pass the turkey, I’m designing the holiday decor in my head. In fact, the moment I toss back my signature Thanksgiving cocktail – this year’s was a homemade infused cherry bourbon with bubbles and a smoked sugar rim – I’m thinking about holiday liquors and homemade baileys.

Yes, I know. I have a problem.

Now that Thanksgiving is really over, I’m bookmarking some fabulously festive recipes across the food blogger community. Here are a few recipes from across the inter-webs that look especially wonderful right now. Thanks to all the wonderful food bloggers who dream up these plates and inspire my holiday wanderlust, even while the turkey is still warm.

French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms – I always serve stuffed mushrooms at the holidays. Sometimes they’re stuffed with ground pork or beef, sometimes I opt to use soy meat for my veggie friends. From now on, forget soy. It’s all about onions. Onion soup, to be exact.

Blood Orange Caramels – Where have these caramels been all my life? I’ve eaten the best, as far as I’m concerned, in Paris… but these could become a new favorite.

Florentine Bars – Chocolate and almond and orange in one bite-size morsel? I say yes. Thanks, Jane!

Beautiful Cake with Whole Pears – My like-minded Twitter friend Yvette styled up these gorgeous dishes for a Dutch magazine. I can totally see that loaf cake, baked with whole pears right in the center, on my holiday buffet.

Blogger Holiday Recipes Homemade Baileys

Homemade Baileys – Okay, okay, this is my recipe. But if you’re going to make the Baileys Milkshake pictured above, you need the recipe to make this decadent, totally evil, totally good stuff.

Cranberry-Amaretto Kiss – As a Massachusetts lady, I should be in love with cranberries. Frankly, the tartness is just too much for me sometimes. However, mixed with Amaretto, vodka and sugar… yes, please!

Easy Triple Chocolate Biscotti Recipe – I’m a biscotti fan. I’m a chocolate fan. Allen rediscovered a totally gorgeous Gourmet recipe. And he promises you won’t chip a tooth on these cookies.

Parsnips and Salami – Oh my goodness. This would be lovely next to a nice egg dish for a holiday brunch. There’s no recipe, but do we really need one?

Roasted Feta with Thyme and Honey – I’ll be serving this sweet and salty dish one evening next week. Wanna come? You bring the bubbles.

Broiled Mussels – I can see this dish disappearing on Christmas Eve, when I serve it among the other six fish dishes to celebrate the big holiday moment.

Warm Halloumi and Chicory with Pomegranate and Walnut – I miss London. I miss Ottolenghi. Thank goodness I can drool via Yotam’s cookbooks and keep up with his vegetarian recipes via his regular column. Another salty and sweet dish for the holiday cocktail party.

What are you dreaming about cooking this season? I need even more temptation, please, so post links with your comments below.

Happy Cooking!

Blogger Holiday Recipes

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