Kitchen: Septuplet Plate at Merci, Paris



Merci Paris France

This plate (discovered at Merci in Paris, France a couple weeks ago) is absolutely perfect for a host like me. I imagine serving my guests all seven courses at once, letting them create taste patterns that work for their palettes by picking and choosing from each of the seven plates before them. Perhaps I’d serve a different taste (salty, sour, sweet, etc.) on each separate surface or arrange my courses by colors (of the rainbow).

Alas, I’d have to plan on serious dish washing duty the night I use them, as they’d barely fit in the dishwasher. Regardless, these plates are a total conversation piece. If my luggage didn’t already exceed the 50 pound maximum (damn, airlines), I would have carted 10 of these back to Boston.

Merci Paris France

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