South End Open Market, Boston


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It’s that time of year again, friends! Farmers Markets across New England are finally opening this month, encouraging us pale, undernourished customers to flock towards the tents to purchase their offerings.

Sure, this early in the season, most of the farmers really only have lettuce and other greens to sell, but nonetheless, it is enough to get me excited about the coming season of fresh, local vegetables. Plus I have heard rumors that Western Massachusetts markets are selling strawberries, with fingers and toes crossed, hopefully the Greater Boston area will be seeing some of those juicy red berries soon.

This past Sunday, I visited the first Farmers Market to open in Boston this spring, located at the South End/SOWA Open Market on Harrison Avenue, just down the street just from its original Trolley Barn home. The new Thayer Street location brings together market tents with art galleries and studios, furniture stores, antique shops and vintage stalwart, Bobby from Boston. Beyond vegetables, this market features row after row of tents selling jewelry, clothing, photography, soaps, olive oil, cheese and much, much more. This year’s addition of a Vintage Market held inside an adjacent warehouse shows a lot of promise and will likely prove to be a great addition to the scene on Harrison Avenue.

This time around, I couldn’t resist picking up a beautiful head of Boston Bibb lettuce and a bunch of pea tendrils. I rounded out my haul with some zesty lemon marmalade from Silverbrook Farm and a fresh loaf of six-grain bread from the Danish Pastry House.   Oh, and somehow an apple bear claw slipped in there. How did that happen??

With the Copley Square Farmers Market opening up this week and several other markets debuting over Memorial Day weekend, the season has officially opened!

Have you visited your local Farmers Market yet this spring? What have your farmers been selling? Which crop are you looking forward to the most?

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